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After a week of steady gains in polling, McCain is now 1 point ahead of Obama according to Zogby.

Some call the Friday poll an anomaly, but there’s reason to believe it’s not.

Joe the Plumber and Tito the Builder resonate with an increasing number of voters. These are ordinary Americans who work hard to make a better life for their families. Obama and the leftist press attacked them viciously for deigning to challenge the American Lenin’s right to ascendancy. For many Americans who prize their freedom, Obama’s KGB tactics reveal the true nature of the Democrat nominee.

The Ohio records search of Joe the Plumber freaks people out. What this story reveals is that during an Obama administration, a political challenger will feel the full weight of the government’s investigative powers on his shoulders. For Obama and the Democrats, the 4th amendment applies only to abortion. Your political papers are for their use in any way they see fit.

Obama’s anti-Constitutional musing during a Chicago Public Radio interview reveal a socialist who wants to change America’s form of government.

The media’s concerted efforts to suppress anti-Obama news is becoming obvious and frightening to more people every day. The LA Time tape showing Obama praising a PLO spokesman and professing his belief that “Israel has no God-given right to exist occupy Palestine,” has become a symbol of suppression by the press.

Americans realize that the current financial crisis is the work of Democrats.

These and other stories that relate to Obama’s anti-Semitism, socialism, and anti-Constitutionalism are undermining his weak support among white blue-collar workers and independents who see themselves as champions of freedom.

Let’s bring down the American Lenin on Tuesday.

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