Arctic Sea Ice Today May Be Higher than 1980

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The image below from from University of Illinois shows that Arctic Sea ice nearly matches 1980 levels in area, and far exceeds 1980 in concentration.

Remember the AGW crowd’s hysteria from this time last year until about June of this year? Scientists predicted that the Arctic would be ice-free?

First, this shows nature’s ability to heal itself far exceeds man’s ability to heal it. Second, it shows that the AGW crowd are liars. They weren’t always. At one time they were simply reporting the facts as they knew them. Then they based predictions on those facts. Then they based prescriptions on those facts. When new facts conflicted with the old predictions, weak men like James Hansen began to lie, saying the new facts, not the old predictions, must be wrong.

Let’s look at this date in 2007 verses this date in 2008:

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