Debate: The Dive Continues

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After showing signs of life following Sarah Palin’s top-shelf performance against Joe Biden on Friday, McCain reminded me of an addict who fell off the wagon. He’s addicted to boredom. It was like previous horrendous performances by Republican Senior Guardsmen: Bob Dole in 1996, George H. W. Bush in 1992. Did McCain look at his watch?

I’m sorry, folks, but this guy does not want to be president. I have no doubt that he did. He lost the will to win when he suspended his campaign to what the hell George had done to the economy. As I wrote last night, whatever George, Henry, Barney, Barack, Chris, and Lacy have done with the nation’s financial markets is beyond McCain’s ability to fix. In fact, it’s beyond anyone’s ability to fix unless that someone’s life ambition is to be known as “Hoover II.” The next president will be a one-termer.

“Fight with me! Stand with me and fight with me!”

Please. Now that some of us have climbed into the ring, it would be nice if the instigator would join us.