The End of the American Experiment?

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Consider this: The next president will be a Marxist riding into Washington just as the US economy collapses into a depression reminiscent of Weimar Germany.

What will his policies be?  What police-state powers will the frightened, hungry, weak American people grant?

While I reserve some degree of skepticism, I am increasingly convinced there is more than coincidence behind the eery consistency between current economic problems and those predicted by Peter d. Schiff in “Crash Proof:  How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse.”

If Schiff was right when he wrote that book in 2006, America’s economic dominance is at its end.  Within a year or two, the Euro will replace the US Dollar as the world’s official medium of exchange.  At that point, the trillions of dollars held in reserve in Asia and, to a lesser degree, Europe, will flood the market creating hyperinflation in the US and destroying our ability to obtain foreign credit.

(Read the book before ripping it, please.)

Were this collapse to occur during Clinton, Bush, or McCain administration, I’d say we could come out stronger and better.  It would have been mental, psychological, physical, and economic boot camp in which many were hurt and the strong survived. (Yes, I included Clinton–Bill or Hillary.)

But that’s not the case.  While I still hold out hope for a miracle, it’s becoming more likely that Obama will win 45-49 states in the general election and Democrats will win super majorities in both house of Congress.  They will be able to add justices to the Supreme Court to ensure rulings in their favor.  Obama will have dictatorial control over a country lacking even the wealthy as a counterbalance.  He will Chavez, Lenin, Mao, and Castro rolled into one.

First, blogs like this one, Michelle Malkin, Gateway Pundit, Hotair–most the blogs listed on my roll–will be gone.  The justification will be that our anti-government messages are preventing Obama and Congress from enacting the “sweeping reforms” necessary to stabilize international markets.  Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity will disappear from the airwaves.  They’re powerful messages encouraging people to resist the police state will be accused of prolonging the agony felt by millions of Americans. Like Hugo Chavez’s initial suppression of freedoms, these measures will be called temporary.

Next, we will nationalize major industries, including entertainment (television, radio, movies), the internet, cable, automotive, medicine and pharmaceuticals, all major manufacturing.

At some point, he will have outlawed private ownership of any kind of firearm.  (Probably as soon as he swells the Supreme Court to 15.)

There won’t be an off-year election 2010.  The party line will be that the economic emergency justifies avoiding such meaningless distractions.  Besides, the results are already known as the polls show nearly unanimous support for Dear Leader’s reforms.

That’s what we’re in for, people.  I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am.

What pisses me off is that John McCain seems okay with this result.  He asked us to stand and fight with him, then he took a dive.  If he gets up now, he’ll only get smacked down harder.    And those of us to try to lift him will get smacked down, too.

It was a great country while it lasted.  The best ever.  But we got fat and lazy.  We built a welfare state and segregated Americans into various protected groups who were trained to fight against each other.  We made our people dependent on the largesse of government that stole from the producers and gave the consumers.  We priced the cost of savings beyond the reach of most, and we paid premiums on debt through tax breaks.  We broke ourselves.

Welcome to the Union of Soviet States of America. And fight them when they come to get you.  Take Solzhenitsyn’s advice and run when they ask you to answer a few questions.  “It won’t be long,” they’ll say, smiling as you try to get your car after leaving the bakery.  “There’s been a mistake in some of our records, and we’d like you help us straighten them out.”

You’ll say to yourself, “I’ve done nothing wrong, so maybe there really is some problem I can fix.  Why would they come after me?  Who am I?”

But you know.  Deep down, you that you will never walk to a bakery a free person again.  You don’t know what the re-education camps are like, but you guess they’re not fun.  They’re not free.  The person you know who, some say, survived the camps doesn’t say much.  She just stares and mutters stock phrases at inappropriate times.

What can you do, though?  The government agent is still standing between you and your car, still smiling hungrily at you with his rotten teeth.  His comrades in uniform stand behind him, almost touching your car.  They’re armed, but they don’t look you in the eye.  You know better than to look them in theirs.

If you run, would they dare shoot you?  If say, “No,” will they stand aside as you enter your car and drive to your apartment?

When you find yourself in this situation, run.   Run like the wind.  Let them take your life on the street as a warning to others rather than eating your soul in a concentration camp.

Run.  Maybe others will follow.  Maybe you’ll start the counter-revolution.  Maybe your grandchildren will live and breathe freely some day because you laid down your life for the crime of going to the bakery one day.

Run.  Your kids deserve it.

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