It's Late and I'm Bored

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so this will be my only post–a series of thoughts on the day.

Financial Armageddon

In case you were too busy with your normal life and missed it, the financial armageddon promised/threatened by President Bush, Nancy Pelosi, Hank Paulson, and every other power freak on the planet failed to materialize.  The Dow ended up 485 points, erasing well over half of yesterday’s losses.  

Before Congress does something stupid, let’s just see what happens if we, the people, are left to our own devices–the way the founders planned it and the way it worked for 150 years before do-gooder morons fucked everything up.

Obama and Franklin Raines

I can’t believe the punk has balls to strut around blaming Republicans for the bribes he took to help Fannie Mae bring us to the bring of the financial crisis that I don’t trust politicians to rescue us from.  But he has them, swinging in the wind like bull preparing to enter the ring. 

He’ll get his.

Michael Savage Grows On You

You have to listen to this.  Michael Savage on the financial crisis.  Great wisdom hear.  Listen and thank me later.  (the spiritual site of the downturn)

Nite nite.