Obama's Midwest SS

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I wrote three versions of this story over the weekend.  I didn’t publish any of them because I didn’t want police harassment and political persecution by St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert P. McCulloch.  I am embarrassed to admit this, but it demonstrates how dangerous the Democrat party is to American freedom.

After months of abuse, harassment, and threatened prosecution of anyone effectively opposing Barack Obama by a cadre of thugs under the control of Barack Obama’s campaign, St. Louis City and County prosecutors–Jennifer Joyce and Bob McCulloch–issued a joint statement threatening to “target” anyone making unsubstantiated criticism of Barack Obama and promising to “respond to” any ads that question Obama’s character.

Just what they meant by “target” and “respond” remains unclear, though Joyce has since stated she did not intend to prosecute Obama’s political opponents.  

That’s irrelevent.  Joyce and McCulloch have the power to harass, and by using their offices and titles to announce the threat, they have provably chilled political speech in Eastern Missouri. 

Will I be routine pulled over by St. Louis County Police because I have a McCain bumbersticker on my car?  Will I get police protection if I’m harassed or threatened by Democrat thugs and gangs? 

McCulloch and Joyce have abused their offices and their power by sending a message to Republicans that opposition to Obama will not be tolerated.  They have reduced their prestige, which was significant, within the St. Louis area.  They look like fools, for sure, but frightening fools.  Himmler was the target of American cartoons, but Germans didn’t dare cross him.  

From what I can tell, both McCulloch and Joyce are outstanding prosecutors.  They’ve each amassed admirable records of making our cities safer.  Were they incompetent, their threats would be less chilling.  

I would ask that McCulloch and Joyce simply walk away from this issue.  Apologize for any confusion raised by their interview with KMOV Channel 4 and affirm that they will not use the power of their offices to advance any national candidate.