I Guess I'm a Racist

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Time magazine’s Karen Tumulty says that criticizing Franklin Raines–the heart and soul of our current economic near-meltdown–is racism because . . . Raines is black.

Therefore, criticizing any black is racism.

I’ve criticized and accused Franklin Raines brutally in the past two weeks, so I must be a regular David Dukes. 

Perhaps Karen Tumulty needs to change her meds.

Readers may not believe this, but I didn’t realize Raines was black until after I’d posted the second of my blog posts linking to Obama to Raines and Johnson and others responsible for the housing bubble and meltdown.  Not that I’d have done anything differently.  But until Obama’s candidacy, we were living something like a post-racial period.  It was wackos like Tumulty who reinvigorated race in American politics–not Obama’s candidacy and not the right.  It was the people who make a fortune fomenting racial hatred.  And they should be driven out on rail.


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