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The Washington Post wasted ink and tree on the ignorant scribblings of tortured and angry woman named Wendy Doniger.  Doniger is an infanticidal maniac–one of those NAGs who believes that every possible abortion should happen.  (H/T Allahpundit)

I emailed her this reaction directly.  I hope she prints it off and chokes on it.


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Dear Prof. Doniger:

You committed an egregious moral error in the last paragraph of your inhumane and profane attack on Sarah Palin. Moreover, your line of attack on Sarah Palin is hypocritical. You, after all, received degrees from universities solely because you have a womb and, specially, the ability to bear (many) children. 

First, for your edification, the terms “abortion,” “termination of pregnancy,” and “trimester” appear nowhere in the US Constitution. Copies are available in any library if you don’t believe me. Second, you should think before you publish words that demonstrate either (a) your severe moral corrosion or (b) your extreme intellectual weakness.

To say this:   “Joe Biden’s views are most relevant to the question at hand, since, as a Catholic, he shares much of Palin’s embryological theology: he believes life begins at conception. But he has gone out of his way to insist that he would not impose his personal views on others”

Is to say this: “Joe believes Jews are human beings, but Joe is too good a German to impose his views on others.”

Reduced to my formula, you said: “Biden believes life begins at conception, but Biden is too good an American to impose that view on others.”

Why, under your corrupt theory, should society impose views that killing anyone for any reason is wrong? If a life is fair game for the blender simply because it is small enough to fit in the blender, then the Jew is fair game for the gas chamber simply because he fits in the gas chamber.


William T. Hennessy


To take the point further, what if Joe said, “I would never forcibly rape a woman, but I wouldn’t impose that view on others.”  By what moral authority are we, as a society, permitted to impose our view of rape on others?  Because we can hear the victim scream?  

In Obama’s view, even if the aborted child emerges screaming and kicking, we should slit its throat to spare the mother the punishment of a child.  

The abortionist’s logic must finally come down to this:  society may not place limits on personal behavior, and government must stop anyone from attempting to limit anyone’s behavior. 

Stated another way, liberalism is a developmental disorder that renders its victims paralyzed between the mutually exclusive political poles of anarchy and totalitarianism.  Therefore, liberalism is both unsustanable and repulsive.