Why They're Called "Libtards"

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The past 24 hours will serve as the most embarrassing, self-destructive period in liberalism.  These people (liberals) are not only stupid enough to keep Sarah Palin’s name in the headlines, they’re stupid enough to piss off 3/4 of the people in the country while doing it.

Ayles and Rollins couldn’t have scripted Democrat self-immolation any better.

1.  Biden says Hillary might have been a better choice for Veep.

2.  Carol Fowler, whose husband prayed that Gustav would destroy New Orleans, makes fun of Sarah Palin for NOT killing her babies.

3.  Barack Obama plays the ultimate victim in his own game of name-calling.

4.  Democrat Representative Steve Cohen equates Obama with Jesus and Palin with Pontius Pilate from the House podium.

Folks, you couldn’t invite this many fruitcakes to one party if you tried.  Yet these morons, these simple-minded hate-mongers, have miraculously assembled themselves in the DNC for our curiosity and amusement.

The media have treated Obama the way North Korea’s press treats Kim Jong Il, yet he has the balls to blame them for free-fall in the polls?  What a baby. How spoiled was this son of a bitch?  Did he ever in his life hear the word, “No?” 

Man, I’m glad I’m not a Democrat.  Mark Cunningham has a good explanation of Obama’s free-fall:  He’s an amateur politician who’s never been in a race with a real Republican before.  I would add that he’s woefully immature and thin-skinned–two qualities vital to the Presidency.

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