Obama The Property of Freddie/Fannie Crooks

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Surprise, surprise. It turns out that the criminals who used Freddie Mac and Frannie Mae as a slush fund for influence purchasing and pocket-lining own Barack Obama, part and parcel.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Sen. Obama has received $105,849 from donors tied to the companies since he ran for the senate four years ago, making him the **third-largest recipient in Congress **among the top 25 listed in a recent report by the Center for Responsive Politics, which examined contributions dating to 1989.

Obama’s liars in the media will immediately claim McCain, too, has his hand their pockets. They’ll be lying, though, so know the fact:

Sen. McCain wasn’t listed in the report, and proponents of overhaul say lobbyists have tried unsuccessfully to win him over.

“There were quite a few lobbyists retained by Fannie and Freddie who tried to influence Sen. McCain, but they never were able to get their hooks into him,” said Anne Canfield, who heads the Consumer Mortgage Coalition, a lending trade group that has advocated for overhaul of the government-sponsored enterprises.

McCain the Reformer!

You won’t hear about this in the news, so read carefully.

For 20 years, the Democrats in Congress have used Freddie and Fannie as a campaign and perquisite slush fund. The scam, which will cost tax payers $200,000,000,000, worked like this:


This cycle of corruption, influence peddling, sweetheart deals, and bank failures ends up costing the American taxpayers billions of dollars directly. It also has plunged the economy to the brink of recession.

This is how Barack Obama operates. He is at the very top of this quasi-legal racket. He wants to raise your taxes to help pay for this scam that came unraveled when his predatory lender buddies realized that people making $80,000 a year couldn’t pay a $400,000 balloon note on a $250,000 property.

Barack Obama’s leading economic advisor–Franklin Raines–is a disgraced and corrupt former CEO of Fannie Mae who was forced to resign over accounting scandals. Raines–like Obama’s business partner and convicted slumlord Tony Rezko–is the sort of scoundrel Obama will populate the White House with if elected.

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