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The messiah today told ABC News that he considered joining the military, only there weren’t any big wars going on at the time. 

But keep in mind — I graduated in 1979. The Vietnam War had come to an end. We weren’t engaged in an active military conflict at that point. And so, it’s not an option that I ever decided to pursue.

I guess we’re all stupid enough to believe that had Vietnam dragged on a bit longer, Obama would have marched his scrawny ass down to the nearest Marine Corps recruiter and signed up for infantry.


The truly disturbing revelation here is Obama’s complete lack of strategic understanding.

The Cold War was the ultimate strategic battle, well documented by anyone with enough intellectual curiosity to bother reading.  It was a testimony to peace through strength and brilliant intelligence work–the best ever. 

I am proud to to have served the West in this war, as a submariner on two submarines.  Although I’m not nearly the intellectual equal of the former Harvard Law Review editor, I understood the concepts in 1985.  I went into the submarine force because of that weapon system’s key role in the deterrent strategy (and $50 a month submarine duty pay). 

To say that there’s no value in serving the military in peace time, as Obama indicates here, is to say Obama knows nothing about the purpose of military preparedness. 

That alone intellectually disqualifies him from the high office he currently seeks.

UPDATE  Times Online notes that Barack Obama–author of 2 autobiographies in 47 years–never before revealed his latent desire to wear the uniform of his country:

The statement is thought to be the first time during the 19-month-long presidential campaign that the Democratic nominee for the White House has indicated he once wanted to serve in uniform. The aspiration was not mentioned in either of his two volumes of memoirs.

I’m not saying he wasn’t honest with ABC today.  He might very well have thought about joining the service.  His desire to appeal to the far left nuts of American politics,though, precluded him from saying anything favorable about the military service.

Now that he’s considered “legitimate,” he no longer needs the people who made him.  And he’s dropping them like hot potatoes.  


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