How True

Jay Nordlinger writes on NRO:

And, believe it or not, this advice might be worth something: I caution liberals, both in politics and in the media (same diff, right?), not to let Palin drive them nuts. A lot of conservatives — a lot of us conservatives, I might say — were driven nuts by Clinton. We were driven nuts by his enduring popularity in the face of tremendous misdeeds. And liberals will have a hard time beating McCain-Palin if Palin is making their head bang and their eyes bug.

I know that talent — especially female talent — is supposed to be Ivy- (or Ivy-ish-) educated, NPR-listening, and liberal. But sometimes it isn’t. Palin is an outright phenomenon: Deal with it.

Author: William Hennessy

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One Commnet on “How True

  1. I think this is more true than even Jay suspects. I consider myself a liberal, I’ve always voted Democratic, but these recent back-to-back sexist assaults on Hillary and now on Sarah Palin really disgusted me with the Democratic Party, the “progressive” movement, and all the rest of. It’s hypocrisy of the highest order. I wasn’t planning to vote for McCain, but the minute I learned of Sarah Palin’s pick I moved into his camp. The comparison of how the “liberals” turned her back on Hillary as she faced a relentless, sexist assault by the MSM and the “progressive” blogosphere, and the way the Republicans impressively rallied around Sarah Palin when she was subjected to similar treatment was just too much to bear. I’m now positively seething with rage at the way supposed liberals and progressives instantly jettisoned their allegedly dearly held principles for political expediency.

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