Sally Quinn: Marbled, Aged, Putrid Meat

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The elitist, socialite, degenerate, bowel-licker Sally Quinn says that Sarah Palin is not only unfit for public office, but an unfit mother.  

Now she’s trying to convince Bill O’Reilly that she’s Palin’s equal in the handling of rifle.  She just can’t make up her mind.

Quinn, who said a woman with 5 children has no business holding an important job, is, herself, a working mother.  Perhaps Quinn is a slacker, though.  

Nancy Pelosi is also a mother of five, but Quinn says Pelosi, being a liberal, is capable of handling the dual jobs.

I’d like to be angrier at Quinn, but I can’t work it up.  Either my tree-kicking hatred of Campbell Brown and Maureen Dowd has worn me down, or I feel such pity for Quinn’s confusion and ignorance that compassion overrules fury.  

Either way, anyone who takes seriously the writings and words of Sally Quinn is ignorant beyond repair.