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Sarah Palin’s Vice Presidential acceptance speech was a grand slam, walk-off homerun to the opposite field that knocked a beer out of Obama’s hand after the concession stand closed.

She was smooth, easy, natural, funny, smart, real, genuine, organic, and brilliant.

My favorite line:  " . . . after the fake, styrofoam Greek columns have been hauled back to the lot in Hollywood . . ."

Chris Wallace, “A star is born.  That’s single, most compelling argument I’ve heard from the Republicans this election cycle.”

Karl Rove says she might have addressed the media-family frenzy more directly, but I disagree.  Despite my pseudo-speech last night, she did the right thing by remaining above the degenerates at NYT, WaPo, and CNN.

Obama’s campaign limply claims Palin’s speech sounded like a Bush speech.  They really don’t know what to do about Palin.  She’s both less and more than the Democrat murder machine can hit.

BTW, besides Barack Obama, the other big loser tonight might have been Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. He had been fingered as the next Reagan.  After Palin’s speech, I think Palin takes that crown.  Former Clinton communications director just gave the speech accolades:  “She put that knife in Obama’s back, and she did with a smile.  In terms of her ability to make a case against Barack Obama and do it with a smile, she is very, very good.”

The New Republic:  

Several moderate-Democrat friends of mine have been emailing–few if any would ever vote for McCain–but all agree that Palin was very strong. The more liberal among them are a little panicked. 

I completely misjudged how negative she would be. Her lines about Obama were brutally cutting and possibly over the top in places. 

Krauthammer:  “She used her small town background to show up Obama as an elitist out of touch.”

MORE TNR:  “Who’s the Celebrity Now?"

Something rather astounding is happening in this campaign. Sarah Palin may single-handedly be giving John McCain another chance at a victory which seemed a distant hope after Obama’s night at Invesco (which now feels like a month ago).


CNN Post-Speech Coverage:  Five of 6 commentators are liberals, and it’s unanimous–one of the most effective political speeches in modern times.    Wow.

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