Harry Reid: Sexist

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Ponder this:  The Republicans may win this election because we believe a woman can have both a career and a family, and the Democrats believe she cannot.  Never would have dreamed it possible.

Harry Reid’s office sent a press release describing Sarah Palin’s speech as “shrill” in response to Palin’s shot at Reid’s declaration of surrender.  What a wuss.

The liberal women on CNN are PISSED at Reid.  They take it as a shot at women.  “Shrill” is a code word.   

The Blitzed One tried to claim Reid was referring to Giuliani, but the source confirmed Reid was describing Palin.

“This will backfire,” says CAMPBELL BROWN.

Now there’s an all out battle between the feminists (Campbell Brown and other female CNN folk) and Paul Begala/Donna Brazil.  Check it out.

These women are furious.  Furious at the surrender monkey.