What a Moron!

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Is anyone dumber than Barack Obama?

I’ve interviewed a lot of job candidates, usually for positions as computer programmers, network engineers, and project manager. I’ve heard a lot of bullshit in these interviews. I usually let these poor, desperate folks make their case. I shake their hands, escort them out, thank them for considering my company, call them about 2 hours later, and tell them, “I’m selecting another candidate for the position, and I wish you all the best in your pursuit.”

If anyone ever told me, “I think I’m qualified to be a computer programmer because I did a really good job writing the resume of a computer programmer,” I’d end the meeting right then and there, tell the person I’m not interested in resume writers, and have someone else take him out the building.

Today, Barack Obama said he’s qualified to be president because he wrote up a very presidential resume. Un-fucking-believable.

Barack’s line of reason might work in academia–that toilet where truth, reality, and accomplishment go to get flushed into the sea of self-importance. It might work with grandmothers. It won’t work with thinking people in America.

Barack Obama is a shithead. No two ways about it. He’s a child and a liar and a egomaniac on a scale that makes Bill Clinton look like Mother Teresa.

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