Media Hit Rock Bottom Over Palin

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Michelle Malkin calls is “Palin Derangement Syndrome.”  William F. Buckley called it “liberal mania.”  I call it “angry cynicism.”  Call it what you will, the leftist media’s treatment of Sarah Palin and her family is an embarrassment to the country and felony indictment of the journalism industry in America.

Only Hurricane Gustav’s untimely arrival spared us from 24 hours of Bristol Palin’s sex life on CNN.  Every political/talk host on the network devoted the majority of his show to the subject.  Democrat talking heads each lined up to give his or her opinion of what’s wrong with the Palin family–a family more sound than any I’ve ever met.  

Most frightening, hate-inspiring, despicable, and incurably stupid are the women.  Better still, the half-women.  Half-witted, hair-brained babbling morons like Campbell Brown, Maureen Dowd, and other weak, women display their deep jealousy of Palin with every monosyllabic word they shriek.

Oddly, Dowd and Brown don’t really have a problem with Palin; they have a problem with feminism.  They lack the tools to achieve feminism’s ultimate prize:  excellent career +  excellent family + self-fulfillment.  In modern times, only Sarah Palin has achieved this triathlon of feminist idealism, and she ain’t a feminist.

Dowd and Brown have achieved a certain amount of professional stature at the expense of dissatisfying personal lives.  A family of five would have stopped them way down on the journalistic/writing ladder.  But free and easy infanticide spared them a life of career mediocrity.  “Kill the little bastards,” is their motto.

Palin, on the other hand, is closing in on the pinnacle of political achievements while raising five children, one with Down Syndrome.  She juggles the impossible and makes it look easy.  Dowd merely writes a column and usually looks like she got too close to Hurricane Gustav.  Campbell Brown isn’t even a household name.

Their jealous mania drives them to denegrade Palin, the uber-woman, and her daughter, Bristol.   Dowd and Brown openly encourage the young girl to defy her parents and have an abortion.  They want another child to die.  They ache for the whir of the baby blender.  They can taste the blood, and it excites them.

Millions, though, pray to a more familiar God, the One who spared Abraham’s son Isaac.  The liberals' god knows no such mercy.  In the liberal church, the high sacrament of abortion, the offering of an unborn child to the feminist mysto-god, is a required duty of every woman who hopes to break the glass ceiling.  Climbing above it without an abortion challenges their faith.  And they guard their faith with dangerous weapons. 

These images seem so obvious.  How tainted and selfish is our society that it cannot see them, too? 

Perhaps, now that that the media have hit rock bottom, we will leave them as the addict’s family abandons him to his needles.  Perhaps this will be the great end of the MSM so needed and so overdue. 

Or perhaps Brown and Dowd will win major awards for their efforts to kill a child.

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