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Palin’s Eldest Daughter Pregnant, To Marry Baby’s Father

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Sarah Palin’s eldest daughter, Bristol, is pregnant and will marry Levi, the child’s father, Todd and Sarah said today in a press release [].

The 17-year-old unwed daughter of John McCain’s new running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, is five-months pregnant, Palin and her husband, Todd Palin, said Monday in a written statement.

McCain’s campaign told FOX News that the presumptive Republican presidential candidate knew about Bristol Palin’s pregnancy before he chose Palin as his running mate last Friday, and that Bristol is planning to marry the father of her child.

The Palins felt compelled to release the information to dispel idiotic left-wing reports that Palin faked her own pregnancy to cover the pregnancy of Bristol.

The left will have a field day with this, mostly because liberals consider the voluntary murder of children through abortion every woman’s responsibility.  By marrying the father and raising her baby, Bristol Palin will demonstrate everything liberals hate.

Momentum Impact

This news should not slow the momentum McCain has picked up since announcing Palin as his choice for Vice President.  It highlights the evil hatred of liberals who forced a private family matter onto the front page by creating unfounded rumors and treating them as fact.

While the publicity of the situation will put strains on the Palin family, it has nothing to do with Sarah Palin’s fitness for office.  Moreover, by marrying and raising the child, Bristol exemplifies the pro-life stance her mother has held throughout her public life.

UPDATE:  Allahpundit has more.

Author: William Hennessy

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5 Comments on “Palin’s Eldest Daughter Pregnant, To Marry Baby’s Father

  1. First, it was the Enquirer that was going to break the story. They contacted Palin and her husband and told them they had evidence and were going to break the story and the Palins made a written statement the following morning. The Enquirer is hardly a “liberal” newspaper, it is rather a sensational tabloid that is nonetheless good and uncovering buried secrets – and it’s also the number one selling paper in the United States (which says a lot about Americans).

    Palin was supposedly going to announce the pregnancy after the convention and after Bristol married Levy – which mom was pushing for right after the convention. Supposedly Bristol balked and doesn’t want to do it and so her mother said, you’re going to do it because you don’t have a choice.

    So you can imagine that there is a lot of pressure on that poor girl to marry this boy and on him to marry her regardless of whether they want to or not. You can imagine that a good mother wouldn’t sacrifice her daughter’s happiness for her political career.

    Palin talks for her daugher. “My daughter is pregnant and he and her boyfriend are going to get married. My daughter can’t speak for herself and she’s not good with decisions, so I make them for her and speak on her behalf.”

    How does anyone know if her daughter wants to marry the boy or if he wants to marry her? Where can she go and what can she do? Her mom is the governor of the state and apparently can have cops fired if she doesn’t like them. You can imagine that Bristol probably feels less able to escape than most pregnant teenagers in that situation.

  2. Tony,

    Did I say anything about liberal views of marriage? No. I said liberals–I should have specified feminists–consider abortion and obligation, not just a right.

    Read, Tony, read. Reading will help you avoid embarrassing yourself on blogs. It might improve you spelling, too.

    Finally, I’m sure this will shock you, but conservatives have sex, too. Sometimes we even have really hot sex with the wrong people. The difference is, we deal with the consequences. You, on the other hand, hire medically certified hit men to whack the consequence.

  3. Charmama,

    It’s none of your business, now, is it? If you think it is your business, then you might want to talk to someone qualified to work you through these issues of yours. Did you take your lithium today, honey?

    It’ll be alright. You’re just having a bad reaction to losing an election.

  4. What about the parents of Bristol’s baby? Are they taking responsibility for their son’s actions? Do they plan to help support the couple and the baby? Are they in favor of the marriage? How old is the father and what is his name? Why didn’t Bristol and what’s his name get married right after they knew she was pregnant or are they just doing the “right thing” since mommy Sarah was picked for McCain’s v.p.? Is the baby’s father also a right-wingnut? Why would any responsible woman undertake a long flight while just on the verge of delivering a child? Didn’t she know that there are doctors and hospitals in other places besides Alaska? While declaring that life is precious, she placed the unborn baby at risk. This is NOT what responsible mothers-to-be do. How could anyone trust a woman with such poor judgment? How could anyone trust McCain’s judgment at choosing her? How could anyone trust McCain – PERIOD!

  5. I am interested in finding the liberal that hates marriage. That comment seeks to diflect the real issue that in actuality conservative values have not been adhered to in the Palin home and only now that she is the vp nominee is there a shotgun wedding. I bet no invitations were ordered in the past ten months for a wedding. Let’s call it what it is. It may not be mom’s view but daughter at age 16 or younger was doing the dirty with no protection.

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