Majority Leader Harry Reid: "New Orleans is Lost--Bring the Guardsmen Home"

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RENO, Nevada–Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) announced today that the battle against Hurricane Gustav “is lost. New Orleans is lost. I demand that President Bush withdraw all National Guardsmen immediately.”

Last year, Reid declared the war in Iraq lost, even as the troop surge began to show impressive signs toward ultimate victory. Today, he made his statement shortly after winds died down in New Orleans, and after the Army Corps of Engineers reported that the levees appeared to hold.

Reid’s comments were immediately echoed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

“Senator Reid and I share a strong concern for the safety of our troops deployed into this unwinnable situation” in New Orleans, she said. “The only thing to do is to withdraw immediately and let the people of Louisiana settle their differences with the weather on their own.”

The White House immediately fired back with a statement read by Press Secretary Dana Perino read this statement in response to Senator Reid:

“The White House is disappointed that Senator Reid would want to cut and run from Gustav recovery. The Senator apparently wants to leave the residents of New Orleans, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas out to dry. While disappointed, the President is not surprised by Senator Reid’s desire to surrender in the face of victory. He also wanted to surrender Iraq to Al Qaeda in 2007, and continues to believe that the world would be better off with Osama bin Ladin in charge of the Middle East.”

Reid was in Reno, NV, for a family Labor Day party where he hopes to talk his grandson, Ricky, out of learning to ride a two-wheeler. “It’s just

dangerous and too hard to learn,” Reid said of bicycle riding.