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I’ll dispense with hyperbole and sarcasm.

I want to congratulate and thank the people who are making Gustav a better experience than Katrina.

The People of the Gulf Coast

You rebuilt, prayed, and left your homes, business, and schools in God’s able hands. You were rewarded, or will be, for, not only your wisdom in retreating from nature, but your perseverance and faith. You deserve our help, our thanks, and our support.

Ray Nagin

Mayor Nagin was a laughing stock during and after Katrina. Since then, he’s rebuilt a major American city and guided it through another hurricane. Those are tough jobs that small men would not take on, particularly after the treatment we gave him 3 years ago.

Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal was not the governor in 2005. I get the feeling that Katrina would not have been so bad if he had been. He’s been a true leader throughout. Congratulations to this outstanding governor.

Homeland Security

I still think we should disband this bureaucracy, but they performed well here.

Army Corps of Engineers

Rivers belong where they can ramble (Stephen Sch

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wartz). You guys disagree with that. Somehow, you shored up and improved the levees and stood by them. Good job.

New Orleans First Responders

As always, you put your asses on the line and did the job. Get a big kiss from your S.O. And a raise.

George W. Bush

The man in charge. Everything that went wrong with Katrina was heaped on your shoulders. Everything that went right with Gustav belongs on your resume. Congratulations, Mr. President.

John McCain

In the Hanoi Hilton, you said, “no” when self-preservation ran up against your country. Today, you put your country before your White House ambition. You deserve great credit for your sacrifices–all of them.


Still, and always, the shining city on a hill whose best days are always before us.