CNN: Levee Breech, Rapid Flooding in Lower 9th Ward **Update**

CNN (TV, not .com) just reported that the Industrial Levee in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans has ruptured under the strain of water and wind, flooding homes and streets throughout the same area that was devastated by Katrina.

The Army Corps of Engineers’ latest release said that levees were overtopped, relieving some pressure, but all levees were holding.  It’s possible that the CNN’s reporters doesn’t know the definition of a breech.  It’s also possible that the Corps of Engineers’ release was simply older than the breech occurrence.


The reporter who said the Lower 9th Ward is flooded has disappeared from CNN’s coverage, and now the network anchors are reporting that all levees are holding.  It appears that the reporter simply didn’t know the difference between overtopping and breeching.  Breeching usually refers to an actual rupture in a levee.  What the video shows is overtopping, wherein high winds push water over the top of the levees. 


The Army Corps of Engineers reports that water levels have begun receding at the Army Levee.  A Louisiana emergency manager says, if true, this news would indicate a major turning point and great news.

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Author: William Hennessy

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