CNN Devotes 30 minutes to "Troopergate" and Surrogate Pregnancy **Update: Larry King

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Un-fucking-believable.  Wolff Blitzer has no shame.  His show is devoting the 5:00 p.m. hour to continuing the idiotic rumor that Sarah Palin faked her fifth pregnancy to cover the actual pregnancy of her daughter.

They also spent 10 minutes spinning innuendo over the troopergate fabrication.  CNN’s justification is that Palin hired a lawyer to handle the investigation.  Duh!  What was she supposed to do, hire a veterinarian?  Her political enemies, of which she has many due to her cleaning-up of the GOP in Alaska, have seized upon a family dispute between Palin’s sister and brother-in-law, a State Trooper in Alaska.

Neither story rises to the level legitimate news, but the Democrats are desperate to smear the most dangerous Republican to come along since Ronald Reagan.

Perhaps CNN and Wolff Blitzed should buy a friggin' newspaper and find real news to talk about.


UPDATE:  Larry King Devotes Show to Bristol Paliln

The washed up, withered, and wrinkley waste of flesh known to millions as Larry King decide, in his impartiality, to devote tonight’s program to discussing a 17-year-old girl’s sex life.  Nice.

I wish Bristol Palin would go on his show and tell him to shove his phalic microphone up his hemmorhoid-scabbed ass.

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