Democrat Hypocrisy: Palin’s A Bad mother **Update**

Un f-ing believable!

The Democrat talking point on Sarah Palin?  Have you heard?

They’re calling KMOX Radio in St. Louis to give the “bad mother” mantra.  Here’s the line:  What kind of a woman would leave a newborn and 3 young daughters behind while she campaigns for Vice President of the United States? 


Holy crap!  I don’t believe it.  According to Democrats, then, women belong barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.  How dare a child-bearing-aged woman aspire to high office.  Know your place, woman!

The calls were not organic, but driven by the DNC and the Obama campaign.  The calls were scripted and shallow.

The next line of attacks will make fun of her background. She didn’t go to an Ivy Leagues school.  She doesn’t have East Coast sophistication or California coolness.  She’s a redneck.  And a terrible mother who let one son go off to Bush’s war while abandoning her other children to the care of their father.

They’ll make fun of Todd Palin’s demographics:  Steel worker, fisherman, oil worker.  How soon before the “Mr. Mom” jokes pop up.  (Probably tonight’s Olbermann show.)

Democrats are shallow, spiteful, resentful, jealous, mean, bitter, little people, passive aggressive when things don’t go their way.  Look for much passive-aggressiveness the next 66 days.  And teach your children not to be like that.  Unless, of course, you’re one of these uppity women too busy building your career to raise your own children.

**UPDATE**  Allahpundit has more on Sarah Palin, the neglectful mother.  Liberals are evil.

Author: William Hennessy

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22 Comments on “Democrat Hypocrisy: Palin’s A Bad mother **Update**

  1. Jelly can’t spell. Liberals are SATAN. Satin is a fabric. You really look so intelligent…just another Lemming Liberal.

    To those of you assuming that the children of a woman who works suffer because the woman works: sometimes that which makes a woman excellent in an executive or leadership position is exactly what is detrimental within a parent/child relationship. Some moms do better justice by their kids by letting the more nurturing parent do the nurturing…and if that’s Daddy, so be it.

    Have any of you LISTENED to any of the Palin kids or other family members? Since when can you judge any book by its cover?

    What a bunch of presumptuous sexists!

  2. Republicans have ruined the country, you idiots and your support for bush. you have jumped the shark as it were. Palin is a coward, who will not answer questions, yet she’s ready to be VP? sure, I guess she is, if anything important happens, hide her away in an undisclosed location until it’s all over…

    republicans are satin

  3. I believe that she is a bad mother, not because she has a career, but because she chose her political ambition over her daughter’s well-being. What could have been contained to being at the most, a state drama has now become a nation-wide scandal, which all of the press is reporting, all the bloggers are blogging on (ahem)…this girl is seventeen and pregnant…and now she’s getting married. All of this is being broadcast to every single person in the country. Palin should have considered what was best for her daughter.

  4. If Obama had picked Palin, just as she is, same credentials, same beliefs and the same family/legal situation, the republicans and especially the evangelicals, would have picked her apart and eaten her alive. They would have condemned her for NOT putting ‘Family First’ as she is putting her career ahead of taking care of her own children, a new baby and a pregnant teenage daughter. I doubt they would have hesitated to say that if she had been home, her daughter might not have gotten pregnant. Hypocrites!

  5. You are being just as pathetic as you claim the democrats are being. It is not about a woman being tied down to her house with kids. Hello, we both know that society is way past that. It has to do with the fact that this woman has a lot on her plate to be running as VP. What if Mccain is elected and something happens to him? We cannot afford to have a person (note I said “person” not “woman”) as our leader who is preoccupied by her family life. Why do you think most of our big political leaders are so much older? Because they are done raising their kids- which is a full time job, no matter who you talk to! And if she is willing to sacrifice the time that should be spent raising her kids to be in office, than I don’t want her to be a leader of mine. Thats not dedication, thats just stupid! I want someone in office who cares about family values, and puts their YOUNG children before their job, no matter what it may be. VOTE OBAMA

  6. Unfortunately, the way we raise our children does say a lot about our ability to lead. I agree with many of these comments. Teenage pregnancy is a real problem in our society, and most teenagers who get pregnant, might not have if they were properly educated and supervised. If family support was not viewed as important by us democrats, we would not have had all those loving families on the stage last week, nor had the opportunity to listen to beautiful speeches about the value of good, decent, hard working parents who sacrifice for their children. I have sympathy for those conservative republicans who believe strongly in family values, and even more sympathy for those of them who make real sacrifices to uphold their values. I agree with the person who talked about the difference between a wealthy family of privilege taking care of a teen’s baby, and a teen with no financial support whatsoever who does need to drop out of school to care for her child and will be set back for a long time financially and emotionally. It’s just not the same. I could never feel safe with a leader who neglected and ignored their family at a time of need, even if it was a democrat. Our leaders need to be able to move out of their subculture and do what is right for people who aren’t as privileged as they are. I know that Obama can do this. Vote Obama-Biden!

  7. I said I was done with comments but now that someone brought up the new baby thing, I worry that this being on TV is setting an example for all of america’s youth- that ‘mommy and daddy will take care of them and their babies’, if they have sex out of wedlock and go against their families religion, they will be taken care of and all is well.

    We could tell that to mother’s who marry men young and end up in abusive marriages due to pregnancy, or mother’s who have no resources, such as not having a family that is in the government or that works for BP oil company- many loving young girls get themselves into these situations and it is sad and hard for everyone. Really many young mother’s have no CHOICE or option to even dream of keeping their babies, and giving them a decent life with a roof over their heads, health insurance, food on the table or a good education and have to give their babies away.

    A 17 year old is really still a child, and is it really not easy to become a parent and provide for a baby when you have no skills to make money. I see how hard it is for even older couples in their 20’s or 30’s to make ends meet and have time to raise their kids. Imagine with no high school degree and a minimium wage job what kind of life most out of wedlock babies will have. If we promote this as ok and that everything is fine and that don’t worry” mom and dad will help out”- as if it is no big deal-I think are sending a dangerous message to young girls.

    Many in her daughter’s position often have to give their baby up for adoption- which is a very painful thing for everyone. Many pro-life out of wedlock mom’s have no way to even care for babies and babies go to orphanages and the young mother are left so sad. Have you ever visited a home for unwed mothers? Unlike this situation most are not from a ‘well off’ family, they have no money, or resources. Other mothers work 2 jobs and have to leave their babies with the cheapest daycare they can find just to keep food on the table.

    I worry if we promote this on the news and all the kids see that oh well, these things happen and so family will support her and parade this news all over tv that we are giving kids the wrong message. Kids find out about news like this and since it someone who is now famous, they will look up to people like this as a role model.

    Not many kids have the kinds of resources and support of money that Sarah Palin’s daughter and grandchild will get. Kids that see this will think it is ok and NOT realize how hard it is to finish High School while pregnant or how hard it is to pay for insurance or medical care for their baby, food, clothes, or all the time and attention a baby needs. In most families or also in a low income area how many parent’s are going to just step and be able to pay for tutors and homeschool materials so their pregnant teenage daughter can finish HS? What kind of a start in life to these young girls have if they see this as ok thing to do by role modeling this. I worry that with no rich ‘family’ to help pay their bills, buy baby supplies, pay for prenatal care, and no HS degree these babies won’t have the chance that this baby will have. It is hard to take care of baby, make a living with no high school degree, or have a baby in your arms while trying to finish high school.

    I agree it is their own family business and we should stay out of it 100%!!! BUT the problem I have is that with this family being in the spotlight for VP and they are a pro-life family with Christian values, that many young girls will get the wrong message from this story. Kids will hear about it and this is the kind of lifestyle and role model I try to protect my kids from. I have enough problems teaching my kids right from wrong without having public figures, leading the country and parading around showing their families problems with under age and premarital sex when they say they have Christian family values. There is enough of that in Hollywood, I don’t need it in Washington. Lets stay out of it, it is not our business, and lets ask them to respect our values and keep their family problems like this one private and keep this trash out of public life and my house.

  8. Regarding the Palin’s daughter,
    teenagers make mistakes, the good upbringing is showing in the decisions she and her fiancee’ are making now.

    Do algore’s son’s DUI arrests make algore ineligible for office?
    Did anyone argue, “If algore hadn’t ‘abandoned’ his family for years of political service, that kid would have turned out better?” Of course not.

    My Wife and I are going through a hellish situation because of our 16 y.o. son’s rebellion and poor decisions.
    We have found that we aren’t the first parents to go through some ‘stuff’, the Gore’s weren’t the first, and the Palin’s won’t be the last.

    This does not disqualify Palin.

  9. Nbc’s Campbell Brown announces her departure from NBC Weekend Today, July 2007, to “devote time to her husband and expected baby.”

    The next day, CNN announces her hiring.

    Campbell gives birth to a son in December 2007, and is an on air host at CNN in February 2008.

    Remember all the flak she took from the Kos, Dem Underground , The Atlantic, and Alan Colmes for sticking her infant son in daycare and leaving a newborn behind?

    Me either.

  10. Thanks for your comments, sorry to get everyone’s back up -so some of you have to reply with negative comments at me for just sharing my thoughts. I was just saying what I noticed on tv and trying to share it and make sense of it. I was not trying to judge ANYONE! I never said if I thought she was good or bad mother-NOW I AM BEING JUDGED and insulted! I am pro: life, women, motherhood, family…. and most of all I care about kids and pray that kids needs are met with caring parenting and good schools- so they have a chance to grow up to be competent, productive, and happy adults.

    I don’t feel I am wrong to question this, lack of attention. When you look at the state of America’s youth: high drop out rates, lower sat scores across the country, youth violence, youths who try to commit suicide, or need medication for depression at young ages. It is really sad!!! It’s not just kids whose parents struggle to pay the bills or have less money, who have these problems- lots of times it seems that some kids ‘who have it all’ and live in fancy homes with very professional parents, are missing out on something important.

    I am grateful my parents put ‘our family’ first even when making job decisions, my hand was held and I’m sorry if yours was not. I was there for my own kids and many other kids in my neighborhood over the years. I have experience as to what spec ed kids need- I have been an advocate for learning disabled kids, special ed plans for kids and have seen them grow up to go to college or find work they really like and they are all happy and doing great. This is done by people really taking a 24/7 commitment to helping kids who need extra help such as baby Trig. But all kids need alot of attention.

    Sparks- I was not even talking about politics I was talking as mother. Since you brought it up- I hope that Alaska and ‘the small government’ does not let babies like Trig fall through the cracks and not get needed medical and school services. I have 2 friends that have kids with Downs Syndrome and they work so hard to find good insurance and often have to change jobs- when they get fired– as companies don’t want to insure them or their kids! In these cases maybe government could help these families, it is very sad to see parents who try and try and work so hard but they can’t get services for their special need kids. These kids often have physical problems that need alot of medical care. I hope that Sarah Palin cares about other people’s kids and families who struggle with disablities if she is VP. It would be easy for her to just get Trig the best care on the taxpayers money of her salary and use small goverment to let other children suffer. I would like to see that she also cares about ‘kids in general’ and using her power as governor to help other kids have decent medical care and schools so they can grow up with a chance and have a life the best they can… not just care about her own child and use small government to make other parents who have kids with medical or special needs to deal with companies – who FIRE them, rather than pay their high special needs insurance- I have seen this happen! These parents love their kids, work hard and still they can’t get them medical care they need. I have to find out more about her and what as governor she has done for Alaska and families in Alaska. I had never heard of her and I guess I have to find out about her and her policies in Alaska to see what kind of VP she could be. I was not trying to say I did not want to vote for her!!! These comments make it seems like I was not interested or excited about the announcement! WHY do you think I even watched it on TV? I was interested and excited to find out about her!

    I did not grow up ‘well off’ I don’t go to Starbucks, and I do not wear birkenstock shoes, sorry that you think my remarks are snide. I was just sharing what I saw on TV, looking for others thoughts on this too. I think your remarks are insulting to me and your thinking you know who I am or what kind of person and judging me like that is rude and more than any ‘snide remarks’ you think I said. I will not judge Sarah Palin by your remarks, I don’t think that most people who are voting for her are like you! If I did I would think that anyone who likes her will insult and be rude to anyone who asks a question.

    I was just talking about kids and how they are treated. NO I won’t vote for any man or woman who I think may not be up to parenting and their politics at the same time. I watch them with their own kids and learn what they do with their political power to look out for families and kids and their rights.

    I never said she was a good or bad parent. Who am I to judge!?!
    BUT WHAT I GOT WAS PEOPLE JUDGING ME HERE! You people don’t even know me, and with this kind of start with comment. we will not be getting to know each other at all.

    I am now turned off to Palin, when I had been excited about her!!! thanks to your comments and attacking me! Is this what we can look forward to if she is elected, people judging and attacking- just because someone asks or shares something and asks for advice?
    Is this what she told people to do? This seems to me as people are insulting me, and against what most everyone I know believes in or tries to act like. As a Christian I do my best to not judge or attack people just because they ask a question I don’t like or say something I may not agree with. Where in Scripture does it say to do this or treat people like this?

    I have helped many families who have kids with special needs – I don’t wear bikrenstocks- whatever that means. I also try not to be rude or insulting – or judge other people. THAT IS ALL I GOT HERE- I was judged for sharing what I saw.

    What I saw on tv made me wonder and worry, sorry if my being a worried mother who saw some things I was not happy about makes you say I speak with ‘snobbish ignorance’. i never said I was smart but I am not ignorant when it comes to special needs- HOW MANY disabled babies and kids have you taken care of,helped or advocated for? I do have some experience to know what kind of job this is, as I have helped many.

    Robert W- I don’t speak for anyone, I was speaking for myself and made a comment. I never said who I was voting for, I am just a mom, who has been around alot of kids in my 21 years raising my children and noticed this stuff when I saw the speech on TV. I had hoped I would like her! But seeing the ignoring of her daughter broke my heart and made me think what more of ‘this kind of thing’ the child may have to live with if her mom wins VP. Also, if this is how the little girl is ignored I worried about the newborn baby with downs syndrome.

    I am not against women working or being VP, I just would rather see a woman who did not have so many kids to look after and new baby to care for take on such a huge new responsibility. If it were me or any of my friends we would say ‘no’ to this new job. I would try to find ways to help my baby have the best start in life and find ways to support other moms who have I am sorry for upsetting you all and wish that you had not felt the need to attack me.

    I’m done commenting here, I feel sick from all this negativity. I got no support or feedback I just got attacked.


  11. I am appalled that Governor Palin has accepted the nomination of VP. She has five kids. My mother sacrificed everything for me so that me and my brothers and sisters could have the love, social skills and other life tools that we needed to go out into the world. 

She is a mother of a “newborn” child with Down’s syndrome! As a parent and even more as a mother I would want to know that the person who was in the office of the White House made sacrifices for their children. I believe that this is outright neglect. If she was any ordinary white, black, or Latino woman with five kids, one of whom was 17 and pregnant, she was be morally and ethically judged and ridiculed. But, because she is white, rich, privileged and a Republican, she is being praised and viewed as someone whom American woman can “relate to”. 

In America we often praise women for their moral and fundamental judgments, for their incredible sacrifices for the their children, and to do what Palin is doing (accepting the nomination) demoralizes what all women should have, undying and unconditional love for their children. If her lack of focus on her family has ultimately resulted in an unwanted pregnancy for her under aged daughter, one might be forced to ask, what then might be in store for her disabled newborn? I believe that many Republicans often shift the responsibility of raising their children to others (i.e. grandparents, family members, nanny’s) not because they have to sacrifice for them or work hard but often because they would rather keep up “appearances” than raise their children properly themselves. ” Oh Ms. Minnie has the kids, she’s a charming little black woman” or “Oh I sent Johnny up to Boarding School, he’s out of control.” 

All this, not to mention, is she really prepared to step in and be the next President of the United States? I think that the answer is obvious.

  12. Unless we live in their house, we cannot judge what kind of mother Palin is. I too am a mother of a baby(2 weeks older than hers :), and I too am pro life. But, I could Not imagine not seeing my children everyday. I sit right now and get to watch my beautiful miracle sleep, I feed him every meal. I soothe him when he cries. As a mother, it is difficult for me to accept mothers who leave their children, for Any reason. I may be old fashioned , some call me ‘conservative’. But I believe in Family First.
    I am a stay at home mother and i love it! I feel i am very lucky to have my job. Im sorry to the people who are not a sahm. I also love John McCain, But I wish he had picked someone else, Mitt Romney would have been great.

  13. Libs are shooting themselves in the foot–they are making fun of some very important demographics one by one. So, go ahead…type nasty comments whilst you blow on your Starbucks brew–I’ve got news for you: SARAH PALIN IS A REAL WOMAN, and I’ll bet a hell of a lot of moms around America can relate to her. So, go ahead and make your snide little remarks. Don’t look now, but your snobbish ignorance that you wear so well is showing. And no: it doesn’t look good with Birkenstocks.

  14. Kristina…

    Didn’t hold her daughters hand on stage makes her a bad mother? I’m sure this isn’t the first time that her kids have been out in public with their mother. I’m sure they’re all doing just fine.

    You even noticed that the little girl was smiling. Sounds like the little girl was doing just fine!

    Get a grip Kristina. Good, solid parents don’t have to dote on their kids constantly and they know that it’s OK to let the kids have some independence.

    I’m sure it’s no coincidence that this contrast between the Obamas and the Palins exists. If you want your government to Nanny you, vote Obama/Biden. If you prefer small government will be a little more hands off, you’ve got McCain/Palin. ;-)

  15. so now it’s a bad thing for a woman to have both a career and children? oh, and that down’s syndrome is a curse, and that it’s better to kill off the unborn with such an affliction?

    at least palin hasn’t spent her life surrounding herself with outspoken racists and other US-hating leftists, unlike obama.

    the daily leftist hypocrisy we’re subjected to is enough to make ones head spin, laugh and cry all at once.

  16. I am not writing to judge her as a good or bad mother- but, I could not help but notice when she finished the speech in Dayton how her little girl was left to walk alone straggling behind her mom. How could she let her adorable little girl, with her smile be totally ignored and left to stand there alone or follow her mom around the crowded podium? Also from body language of the whole family, I was concerned as I saw no warmth between siblings, this little girl could have her mom hold her hand, her dad, or at least Mom Palin could have kept an eye on where the little girl was on the stage- instead of leaving her to follow around at the knee height of all the adults. Mccain did not seem to notice her either. At the least in a warm family I would have expected the older siblings to watch over their little sister or hold her hand.( I know in my family the older kids automatically look out for the little ones) Watch the clip again to see what I mean.

    I do not see this body language in the Obama or Biden families, kids are always having hands held and are given attention they need in this new overwhelming environment of national spotlight. It looked to me like it was all about Palin basking in the limelight with concern or even any attention to even her young daughter or her other kids for that matter. I hope she learns to hold her little daughters’ hand and not ignore the child’s needs when on the stage like that ever again… or hire a nanny who will tend to the child’s needs.

    Just having 5 kids does not make proof that one is a great mother or of a warm caring family. I hope the little baby with downs syndrome gets better attention than I saw the youngest daughter get. Also, all pro-life moms I know do not even get genetic testing, so I question why Palin being pro-life got genetic testing? Most pro life mom’s use rhythm method of contraception and don’t have babies at her age, she really increased this baby’s chance of being born with downs syndrome by not practicing responsible pregnancy prevention. It is not ‘her’ that has to live a life with downs syndrome it is little Trig. She deserves not fame or kudos for her decision to get pregnant at her age. She could have adopted a baby if she wanted another child! ….Or taken in an unwed mother who is prolife and needs support and housing.

  17. I agree that she’s a bad mom. First, unresponsibly giving birth at 43-44, then leaving behind a little Down’s syndrome baby to campaign; then if elected, who takes precident? The baby or the country?

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