Democrat Hypocrisy: Palin's A Bad mother **Update**

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Un f-ing believable!

The Democrat talking point on Sarah Palin?  Have you heard?

They’re calling KMOX Radio in St. Louis to give the “bad mother” mantra.  Here’s the line:  What kind of a woman would leave a newborn and 3 young daughters behind while she campaigns for Vice President of the United States? 

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Holy crap!  I don’t believe it.  According to Democrats, then, women belong barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.  How dare a child-bearing-aged woman aspire to high office.  Know your place, woman!

The calls were not organic, but driven by the DNC and the Obama campaign.  The calls were scripted and shallow.

The next line of attacks will make fun of her background. She didn’t go to an Ivy Leagues school.  She doesn’t have East Coast sophistication or California coolness.  She’s a redneck.  And a terrible mother who let one son go off to Bush’s war while abandoning her other children to the care of their father.

They’ll make fun of Todd Palin’s demographics:  Steel worker, fisherman, oil worker.  How soon before the “Mr. Mom” jokes pop up.  (Probably tonight’s Olbermann show.)

Democrats are shallow, spiteful, resentful, jealous, mean, bitter, little people, passive aggressive when things don’t go their way.  Look for much passive-aggressiveness the next 66 days.  And teach your children not to be like that.  Unless, of course, you’re one of these uppity women too busy building your career to raise your own children.

UPDATE  Allahpundit has more on Sarah Palin, the neglectful mother.  Liberals are evil.

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