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Question:  Name a quality McCain has in places where Obama doesn’t have places.


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Sarah Palin may not be the perfect pick for VP, but she’s the most perfect available.  By selecting a (hot) working class mother of five with strong conservative principles and a record of putting the people before parties and pricnipalities, John McCain has proven, again, to be the most effective Republican campaigner since Reagan.  By choosing Sarah Palin, McCain bolsters support from women, blue collar families and conservatives while hamstringing the Obama campaign.

Obama  has already soiled himself by criticizing Palin’s experience–of which she has approximately 10x Obama.   They cannot attack her age, because she’s very close in age to Obama.  They cannot attack her foreign policy experience because she and Obama are equals on that front.  They cannot label her a Washington insider, nor can they use her anti-McCain shots against her; she made none.

That leaves the Democrats with only line of attack:  appeal to their base.  So they’ve started attacking on abortion and tax cuts, both of which favor Republicans.

As the NRO editors put it:

By picking Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, John McCain has wowed the public and enthused the Right. He has reinforced some of his winning themes — that he has the mindset of an outsider and a fighter against corruption. He has also reinforced his appeal as the candidate more in touch with traditional values on moral issues.

McCain plays chess while Obama fiddles with checkers.  While the messiah sauntered to king’s row for his party’s crowning, McCain used the clock to position his queen at Obama’s jugular.  Expect blood to flow when desparate Democrats hire thugs and street gangs to intimidate voters, media, and conservatives in general.

Like Joe Biden, I say, “bring it on.”