I Agree With Biden

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Joe Biden was right.  At least his mom was.  

In last night’s speech, Biden told a story. When a bigger, tougher kid beat him up, his mom told him to, “go back out there and bloody his nose.  That way you can walk down the street tomorrow.”

Goddam right!

Unfortunately, Joe Biden believes that being tough ends at the water’s edge.  

Where was that Irish moxie when it came time to bloody the noses of Al Qaeda in Iraq?  It was absent, turned into French cheese.  

I agree with Joe’s dad, too, who told him that when the world knocked him down, you lift yourself up and take back what’s yours.

Where was that self-reliance during Biden’s 30 years in Congress?  Absent.  Instead, Joe Biden prescribed socialism for able-bodied, educated people who didn’t want to do the work to succeed in life.  Like every liberal who ever opened his mouth, Biden told us all to be victims, to cry for help, to vote Democrat so government can steal from our neighbors and hand out to us.

I wish Joe’s mom were running instead of her whimpy kid.  I wish the Democrats still had moxie like Jack Kennedy, Mo Udall, and Harry S Truman.   Where are the Teamster Democrats, the men who took nothing from no one.

George Patton said, “When some son-of-a-bitch looks at you sideways, the only thing to do is to beat the hell out of him right then and there.”  

Damn right.