Comrade Obama's Thugs Go After Kurtz

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Barack Obama’s assault on freedom of speech and of the press continued today as his minions attacke WGN radio in attempt to squelch journalist Stanley Kurtz

Kurtz is investigating Obama’s long and deep ties to terrorist William Ayers.  Obama laundered money through a non-profit education foundation into Ayers' numerous corrupt organizations during the 1990s.  When news broke of Obama’s connection to the convicted terrorist, Obama responded by attempting to incarcerate anyone investigating the connection.

If Obama wins, expect conservative talk show hosts, television commentators, writers, and bloggers to face federal criminal charges.  This communist doesn’t mess around.  

If this no good, son-of-a-bitch wins, the 2nd Amendment may be the only way to get our country back.

National Review Online editors agree that Barack’s behavior vis-a-vis the Ayers story portends of the totalitarian regime he plans to bring to America if elected.