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It’s surprising, really, that Barack Obama’s entire speech is an attack on John McCain filled with lies, deceits, and fake “facts.”

His self-aggrandizement borders on pathological.  He alone will defend Israel.  He alone will stop 4 billion years of climate change.  He alone will provide health insurance to every man, woman, and child.  

The economy never had a negative growth quarter, but he sees a recession.  Perhaps that recession comes from the emptiness of rhetoric.  Forty-five minutes into the speech, he has offered not a single specific solution to the endless list of problems (real and imagined) he’s listed.  

“If you don’t have a record to run on.”  The man who never did a thing in his life has the balls to go there?  

The set may have been inspired by a Russian cathedral, but the imagery is Munich 1933. 

“This election has never been about me.”  Give me a fucking break.

More rhetoric.  More bashing of Republicans.  More “Me, the rock star” horseshit.  Meanwhile, his thugs crush truth and freedom in Chicago.  Some hope.

Again, with the economy.  Someone should buy him a newspaper.  

And the windbag runs out of air!

Gateway Pundit makes some great points.

Is it just me, or was that a really, really short speech?
California Conservative’s observation are well worth reading, too. Links to this comment by Mark Levin:

This is not a great speech, and it is not a great delivery. Obama is unloading every catch-phrase that has been uttered at these conventions since Franklin Roosevelt. His arrogance punches you in the nose. And he is on the stage way too long. He will be appeal to many because of our times, but hopefully not enough.

I agree, and my live commentary confirms.

UPDATE Jonah Golberg:

I think his shots at McCain were ill-advised. Who the hell is Obama to try to out-hawk McCain on Bin Laden? Please. Not plausible. What is Obama talking about when he tries to suggest there are more Republicans for Obama than there are Democrats for McCain? C’mon. The Clintonian false-choice b.s. was particularly grating (gay marriage: punt! Gay hospital visitation, hooray! AK-47S boo, 2nd amendment, wahoo!).

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