All You Need To Know About Obama

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When you get down to it, it doesn’t matter what Obama says tomorrow night, or how he says it. Americans will vote for what he is. What Obama is can be summed up in a single, offensive word. Later.

Here’s what we know about Obama vis-a-vis the job of Commander in Chief: * No military experience * No business experience * Best friends are terrorists and racists * Believes in socialism over capitalism * Meglomaniacal fascination with himself * Wife hates America, except when America gives her cash * Funnels money to radicals in exchange for political favors * Made over $4 million last year and claims to hate the rich * Want’s to double the average American family’s tax burden * Hires mafia thugs to intimidate Republican rivals * Smokes and tells us not to * He’s not particularly smart, but he pretends to be in speeches * Lies about his political past, his personal past, his intentions * Lacks the spine to stand up for what he actually believes in So what’s that one word?

Think cat.