Arrogance Factor

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A fe months ago, only conservatives and Republicans were talking about Obama’s arrogance.  Now, everyone’s noticing it.

Something about Barack Obama’s manner bothers Margaret Cowan.

“There’s something egotistical about him,” the Sheridan, Colo., retiree said. “It’s the way he struts around.”

Many swing voters here and throughout the country consider the presumptive Democratic nominee distant, pompous, arrogant, even elitist. [Kansas City Star]

Democrat consultants say Obama’s arrogance is a real issue that needs to be addressed.


How you make an arrogant s.o.b. not arrogant?  Or is it our fault?  Obama likes to blame all of his troubles on the ignorance of the American people, the religious country bumpkins holding onto their shotguns and Bibles babbling racist epithets. In the KC Star story, Obama’s people seem to think so.

The Obama camp says that voters just don’t know its candidate well yet. As a result, spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, Obama shifted his campaign appearances this summer to smaller, less formal venues such as town hall meetings or unannounced diner stops rather than the giant arena orations he specialized in earlier.

Indeed.  We’re too ignorant to figure out that Obama’s a regular Joe. So his holiness will stoop down to our level, pretending to be a mere mortal.  (And the Word became flesh.)

What about authenticity?  The Dems seem to think the arrogance factor is a matter of perception and appearances.  Well, Frank Sinatra didn’t “appear” cool; Sinatra was cool.  Likewise, Obama doesn’t seem arrogant; Obama is arrogant.  Trying to hide will make him arrogant and phony.  That’s a bad combination for a politician.

Look for the arrogance factor to make it to the MSM this week, particularly on Thursday.  Even Harry Truman would appear somewhat arrogant during a modern convention acceptance speech.  The messiah’s speech will likely favor a Tony Orlando curtain call.