Don’t Ever Question Joe Biden’s IQ

His IQ is higher than yours and mine, and he ain’t afraid to say so. (H/t Allahpundit on

Wow. Smart, smart man. Only . . . most colleges don’t have an IQ requirement. George W. Bush has degrees from Yale and Harvard, but his IQ is, like, 28 according to Biden. I guess whatever schools Biden went to, they give diplomas based on IQ instead of credit hours. Interesting.

Author: William Hennessy

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2 Comments on “Don’t Ever Question Joe Biden’s IQ

  1. What is Joe Biden’s IQ? How does IQ make your policy proposals for an administration in the White House sound or even workable? Without having the numbers in front of you for each person’s IQ how can you say who’s is higher. I graduated from a small university in Oklahoma, so does that make my IQ lower than Joe Biden’s? Let’s give the candidates for President and Vice President IQ tests and then publish the scores in every newspaper in the nation.

  2. I’m glad I don’t have that high of an IQ…Chris Mathews and Democrats are touting that Biden only has 150k in net worth….The gentleman has had complete health care coverage and made over twice the mean income for 30 years…good gracious, do we really want him with anything to do with the economy….
    I did the numbers….if he saved just 3% of his salary and invested it with a 7% return….that would be 330K.
    He’s a typical Baby Boomer and Democrat waiting for Social Security and Republican taxpayers to bail him out.

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