Undecideds Prefer McCain's Advice

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I don’t know how meaningful this FoxNews poll is, really. But it is revealing about America’s confidence in the relative judgment of McCain and Obama.

American’s trust McCain more than 3 to 1 over Obama.

That’s big.

If you had to make the “toughest decision” of your life, who would you rather get advice from — Obama or McCain?

Based on that question, there are signs that undecided voters may be more inclined to move to McCain than to Obama. The largest number of undecideds – 38 percent – would rather get advice from McCain – that’s nearly three times as many as the 13 percent that would go to Obama. The remaining say “neither” (27 percent) or are unsure (18 percent).

Furthermore, independent voters pick McCain by a 15-point margin (41 percent – 26 percent).

Not surprising. McCain has run a masterful campaign and he owns the framing of every issue and of the campaign overall.