Biden's Abode Abuzz

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After hours staking out Joe Biden’s Delaware home with no sign of the prospective VP candidate, reporters are now witnessing a flurry of activity.

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 UPDATE:  Wizbang coverage.

Barack Obama might the Democrat’s Bob Dole.

I quit writing “The Hennessy Report” for Town Hall in 1996 because I was so sickened by the combination of President Clinton and Candidate Dole.  The GOP nominated Dole because “it was his turn.”  Helluvaway to pick a president.

In 1996, the Republicans ran a bassackwards ticket.  The more electable, more charismatic, more conservative candidate, Jack Kemp, was on the bottom of the ticket.  Had Kemp been on top, Clinton might well have been a one-term president.  But, noooooooo; we nominated Bob “Third Person” Dole and got beat like a drum.

Barack Obama has been a weak candidate since about March.  He won the nomination because his camp had a superior strategy for winning delegates according the Democrat rules.  Once people started paying attention, though, Barack started to look less shiny.

Since “winning” the nomination in June, Obama’s campaign has been a disaster.  Only George W. Bush’s unpopularity has saved Obama from free-fall, a brokered convention, and excuses for why the Democrat delegates turned on him and nominated Hillary Clinton in violation of the Democrats' stated rules.

Despite an 8 to 1 press coverage advantage over McCain, Barack has fallen from 12 point to a 0 or -5 point lead thanks to great campaigning by McCain and terrible campaigning by Obama.

So he picks Joe Biden.

Biden was the best choice among the Democrats who ran this year.  He has “gravitas,” which Obama does not.  He has experience, which Obama does not.

But Biden does nothing as vice president, because no one votes for vice president.

By selecting Biden, Obama admitted he is incapable of running the country.  In so doing, Obama has given the Republicans the last piece of evidence they need to convince Americans that there is only one choice this year:  John McCain.

BTW, CNN just reported that the media will not report Joe Biden’s gaffes.  Thanks, CNN.  We knew you’d cheat.  And they’ve used the term “gravitas” three times, admitting that Obama has none.

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