McCain Might Just Win This Thing

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Do you remember the summer of 2007?  Reporters found John McCain carrying his own baggage through an airport and looking defeated and dissheveled.  In debt, at the bottom of the polls, and old, the MSM declared his campaign over.

They were wrong.  So was I.

Somehow, McCain staged a masterful comeback, and I use the word “masterful” advisedly.  His comeback was not spectacular or flamboyant or even memorable.  It was quiet, consistent, and strong.  Powerful, even.  He beat my man, Fred Thompson, America’s mayor, and the slickest of slick politicians, Mitt Romney. [youtube;=en&fs;=1] Immediately, though, he was behind. May and June 2008 might as well have been August 2007. The media declared Obama the next POTUS; McCain the happless loser. 

Going to the the party conventions, McCain is the in front among likely voters in all polls.  Moreover, he is outplaying Obama in the media. 

McCain’s negative ads are tasteful, truthful, and effective.  McCain’s war room response instantly to almost every word Obama utters.  Today’s response was a thing of legend.

Obama, on the stump mocked McCain’s resonse to a reporters question about how many houses McCain owns:  “I don’t know.”   Barack’s rambling, semi-coherent stump speech isn’t worth repeating.  But the McCain response is:

“Does a man who made more than $4 million last year, just returned from a vacation on a private beach in Hawaii, and financed his million dollar mansion with the help of a convicted felon really want to debate houses?”


McCain is demonstrating the campaign skills of Bill Clinton’s 1992 team.  He’s on message, he’s targeted in his attacks, and he’s winning every issue.  A major believes McCain is more capable of handling the economy than Obama, for instance.  That’s huge.

Moreover, the right has finally started attacking Obama’s same-skin relationship with the murderer Ayers.

A few months ago, I thought Obama would win a squeaker. Now I’m starting to think we’ve got a chance. 

Fight on, John, fight on! [youtube=;=425&h;=344]

If the election were held today, McCain would win the Electoral Vote 274 to 264. That’s masterful.