The Coolest Phone on the Market

Neonode N2 Black
Neonode N2 Black

I like tiny phones that do a lot.  The Neonode N2 from Neonode is the coolest phone I’ve ever seen. 

* Totally touchscreen (no buttons)

* Tiny (smaller than a credit card)

* Holds up to 32GB music, videos, photos

* 2 Megapixel camera

* Great sound quality

Watch this CNET Reviews video, then look below to find out how to get this $500 phone for $199.

Neonode N2

Get it for $199

A glitch with the first generation of the Neonode means you can get the second generation for less than half price while owning a piece of the company.

1.  Buy some Neonode (NEON) stock for $0.30 cents a share (as of close on 8/15)

2.  Buy phone under the Friends and Family program for $199

The stock price tanked after the company recalled every single N1 phone to fix a bug.  That shows this company cares and will stand behind its products, by the way.  With prices at the 52 week low, you can own a piece of the comapny and the phone for about $220.  Not bad.

Author: William Hennessy

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