Russia Vows Pullout as Troops Dig In -

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Maybe I didn’t overreact last week

According to the Washington Post on the scene in Gori, Republic of Georgia, Soviet Russian troops are “digging” for a long offensive or occupation:

Russia pledged Sunday to begin removing its troops from Georgia on Monday, but the streets of this occupied city reflected a broadening, not a waning, of Russia’s military incursion.

. . .

During a reporter’s 24-hour stay in the city this weekend, Russian soldiers roamed the streets in armored personnel carriers and waved Kalashnikov rifles to prevent entry to a captured Georgian military base that is now the Russian headquarters. Russian soldiers dug fortified positions for tanks along highways east and west of Gori and trucked in television and radio equipment to begin broadcasting in their own language.

“We have stopped firing – be glad about that,” a young Russian captain said when asked whether troops would soon withdraw.

Russia Vows Pullout as Troops Dig In -


I wonder which of his 248 positions the Idiot from Indonesia will trot out tomorrow?

And there’s more bad news.  It appears Russia is re-nuking its Navy fleet, likely in preparation for additional expansionist wars in the region.  According to the Times of London (not a bad source):

Russia is considering arming its Baltic fleet with nuclear warheads for the first time since the cold war, senior military sources warned last night.

The move, in response to American plans for a missile defence shield in Europe, would heighten tensions raised by the advance of Russian forces to within 20 miles of Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, yesterday.

This ratcheting up of tensions, now including nuclear threats, are signs of an aggressor.  This is likely the start of a new Cold War and one that could turn hot quickly.

If you care about freedom and prosperity, you better get on the GOP bandwagon and fast; Barack Obama opposes both.

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