Hey, Obama: Take Your Ass-Kicking Like a Man!

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The day after John McCain handed Barack Obama his ass on a platter at the Saddleback Forum, Obama’s paid mouthpiece, Andrea Mitchell, accused McCain of cheating (see Newsbusters).  I guess going mano-a-mano with a real man is above Obama’s paygrade, too.

How pathetically consistent.  Barack Obama’s childishness, immaturity, and lack of accountability grow to new legendary heights every passing day. 

I really don’t know how people can take this brat seriously.  He lies like a rug, he cries like a baby when things don’t go his way, he cannot form a coherent English sentence unless it’s written, rehearsed, and printed on a teleprompter.  He has accomplished nothing except for carefully following the scripts of his handlers his entire life.  You can bet he was the recipient of grade inflation for minorities throughout college. 

A few months ago, I found myself sort of liking Obama.  That was when I first started looking at him as a possible nominee for the Democrats.  Day by day, though, I have come to loathe this childish bastard.  His smarminess, his conceit, his phoniness.  He’s as fake a porno movie orgasm and half as orginal.

Barack Obama might well be the worst candidate every nominated by a major party–George McGovern and Walter Mondale included.

UPDATE:  McCain campaign calls out NBC’s Andrea Mitchell as an Obama hack, NBC News as a partisan ad agency for the DNC.  Get ‘em John!

UPDATE II:  Michelle Malkin’s mocking of The Obama is a classic.  Wizbang’s Kim Priestap is flabbergasted that Andrea Mitchell and Obama can be this childish.