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Brink of World War **UPDATES**

Am I the only person who sees that we are on the brink of world war thanks to those Russian sonsofbitches?

Russian forces swept across Georgia on Monday, capturing the town of Gori and moving to within 35 miles of the capital city Tbilisi, FOX News confirmed.

This is very serious stuff.  Russia’s expansionist intentions are as obvious as they were in the Prague Spring and the Hungarian Revolt.

The blogosphere seems to buy the idea that the world will respond only diplomatically.  I don’t–not unless Russia backs down fast and far.

Putin is clearly on a mission to restore the Soviet Union.  He has poisoned opponents, threatened neighbors, armed Iran, and has now wantonly and without provocation invaded a sovereign nation for the purpose of deposing a freely elected government to be replaced with a Warsaw Pact puppet.

Putin’s second goal seems to be oil prices.  World crude prices have plummeted in recent weeks, boosting the dollar and vindicating Bush’s oil strategy.  Russia quickly attacked a major oil pipeline in Georgia.   Continued conflict will likely push oil prices back up. 

President Bush, John McCain, and, even, Barack Obama have verbally unloaded on Russia in terms as strong as Ronald Reagan’s invectives against the Soviet Union.  Putin has fired back.  Georgia signed a cease-fire resolution, but Russian troops march on.  The UN says at least 2,000 civilians have already been killed, making the civilian death several times greater than at the peak of the war in Iraq.  If the fighting continues, Russians will kill 12,000 civilians in the first month of war.

I understand that this arose quickly and under the cover of the Olympics, but this is biggest threat to world peace since the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

Pay attention.

UPDATE:  Gateway Pundit is on the story in his usual great style.  Also, Black Five links to several excellent sites closer to the scene.  That’s where I learned that Russia has now split Georgia in half.  Unfortunately, Russia is hacking Georgian web sites.

ANOTHER UPDATE:  Hello to my new Russian readers.  If you want peace, better depose Putin.  George F. Will, in his brilliant way, paints an ominous picture:

Asked in 1957 what would determine his government’s course, Harold Macmillan, Britain’s new prime minister, replied, “Events, dear boy, events.” Now, into America’s trivializing presidential campaign, a pesky event has intruded — a European war. Russian tanks, heavy artillery, strategic bombers, ballistic missiles and a naval blockade batter a European nation. We are not past such things after all. The end of history will be postponed, again.

Now, go read this.  Don’t argue with me, just read it.

Author: William Hennessy

Co-founder of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and Nationwide Chicago Tea Party Persuasive design expertLatest book: Turning On Trump: An Evolution (2016)Author of The Conservative Manifest (1993), Zen Conservatism (2009), Weaving the Roots (2011), and Fight to Evolve (2016)I believe every person deserves the dignity of meaningful work as the only path to human flourishing.

8 Comments on “Brink of World War **UPDATES**

  1. All you whiners, give it a rest. What matters is winning the War on Terror and keeping America safe. And to that end we need to keep our focus on Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. If the Russians want to shitkick a terrorist-friendly country like Georgia, let them. It’ll show the others not to get out of line.

  2. It is funny that you mentioned 2000 people being killed. Where did you get this number from? What I have heard from Saakashvilli mouth (see BBC for example) he was talking about 100 killed. Georgia has repeatedly said that to justify and cover real numbers I suppose. Or wait it was Russia news who reported that Georgian forces killed 2000 civilians in Tskinvali. Now what you did is called manipulation of the information. You believed Russian about 2000 and you believe Georgians about who was killing whom. Hmm. Not that I trust Russians but you dude is the same.

  3. Why don’t you do some actual research before you insist on badgering us with your blatant fear-mongering? Are we supposed to jump back onto the Cold War bandwagon now that our news has nothing better to do? Isn’t a war on two fronts enough for this administration, or do they insist on dragging the American people down just that bit further on their way out?

    All western media reports are so heavilly biased against Russia that its ridiculous. Who in their right minds can expect that attacking innocent civilians and troops could go without consequence? Would we react any differently? How could we possibly have any credibility after invading Iraq and toppling ITS regime in the name of pre-emptive self-defense? As for Georgia, how can it – a breakaway nation – justify using force to reign in a breakaway province?

    The truth is obvious if you’d just bother to look it up. Its as easy as reading the blogs & posts on CNN, BBC and the CBC. There you’ll find actual people talking about actual history involving actual truths, not the mindless blubbering of the media spin cycle.

  4. “Russia’s expansionist intentions”????????

    How about America’s expansionist intentions in Georgia, the other end of the world, right in Russia’s backyard?
    Then why not have some Russian missiles in Cuba??????
    How about the American base “Camp Bondsteel” in Kosovo??? Wasn’t it the reason for the war against Yugoslavia from America &Co. ?????
    America pushed its expansionist intentions onto Russia to the point that a sane person would expect Russia to react as it did, and more.
    Funny how America doesn’t want to hear Serbia’s demands that Kosovo belongs to Serbia, yet is all ears for Georgia’s demands that S. Ossetia belongs to Georgia!
    Yet it is exactly the same thing, so america should approve of what Russia is doing for S. Ossetia.
    One addition: Georgia deserves to be taken over by Russia just for being so stupid, as to start a war counting on material support from its “Western Allies”.
    The shoe is in the other foot with S. Ossetia, and it’s mighty tight and uncomfortable. America can’t hide its warmongering nature, its grabs for oil, resources, energy, sales of arms, aircraft, anywhere in the world. America is the destabilizing big force in the world today, and has been, ever since it started the arms race with the atomic bombs.

  5. (Sorry for my English). It’s terrible!!! You think that Russia goes Soviet Union? It’s informational war!!! You get information only from Georgia! Because they said that Russia attacks Georgia. WHY you don’t read history about conflicts 1832, 1992. You ready eat news about Soviet Union!!! You are afraid! Be homosapiens, don’t be monkey.

  6. To Bill Hennessy and all americans that doesn’t know the truth . Russia didn’t start the war they’ve been patient for more than 15 years . Nobody wanted war. thousands Georgian troops attacked, our peacekeepes and civilians with artilary rockets, tanks and aircrafts. They killed women, children, and senior citizens. They just ran over womens and children with tanks. They threw granades to the hospital and the houses, they killed more than 2000 civilians. It’s in constitution of any country to protect their citizens. Russia had no choice. After Russian troops invade to South Osetia and Georgia, Georgian Presidend says cease fire. He suppost to be judge with death sententce for starting this war and killing innocent people. By the way nobody judge U.S.A for war in Iraq. They says USA Democracy free country look at your news shame on you .

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