Rasmussen Poll Shows Dead Head

Rasmussen’s presidential tracking poll shows a dead heat between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain (h/t Drudge).  This poll confirms the Newsweek poll showing the two in a statistical dead heat.

Moreover, according Rasmussen, McCain enjoys higher favorability ratings than Obama.

Considering that McCain has received little media attention since the last Democrat primary in June, Obama’s 15 percentage point drop can only be blamed on Obama’s dismal performance as a candidate.  The more people learn about this unknown, affirmative action Senator from Illinois, the less they like him. 

Ed Morrisey notices that the far Left is growing impatient with Obama:

the far Left appears to be people who switched from the Green Party to Democrat because of Barack Obama.  Now some of them have switched back out of disillusion

Morrissey continues with a point that mirrors my own observations:

The transformative veneer has been stripped from Obama, leaving the opportunist exposed for all to see.  Obama may have peaked already.

If Obama continues to faulter–and there’s no reason to think he won’t–look for Operation Chaos to rise again in Colorado.  Hillary’s supporters might be able to throw  the convention open to a delegate fight that will make the final season of the Sopranos look like a kindergarten game of musical chairs.

Author: William Hennessy

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