The Greenhousers--At Least They Have Pluck

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Despite all scientific evidence now denying the greenhouse hypothesis, the greenhousers stand by their story. That story: global temperatures will continue to rise in direct proportion to the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere and for many years after CO2 emissions stop altogether resulting mass famine, flooding, death, and the Cubs winning the World Series.

Unfortunately for Al Gore, the past year saw almost every tenet, speculation, and idea about greenhouse gasses and man-made global warming fall to the scrutiny of science: * The Tree Ring theory upon which Mann relied was proven wrong, as tree leaves maintain a constant internal temperature of 21.6 degrees Celsius regardless of atmospheric temperature. * The CO2-Temperature correlation theory has been shattered by 11 years of flat temperatures and 8 years of global cooling despite steady increases in CO2 output. * The CO2-Water Vapor theory (the sine qua non of all greenhouse theory) was proven wrong by NASA. * Anecdotal evidence from 1920s and 1930s has emerged showing that Arctic ice pack was abnormally low for about 8 years, exposing regions of Greenland that had, supposedly, been ice covered for millennia. * The IPCC has “adjusted” its models to show that the greenhouse effect would cause 10 years of cooling before a massive increase in temperatures. Of course, this “prediction” came in year 8 of the cool down, not before it started. * When models are adjusted to account for the 8 years of cooling (2000 to 2008), they predict another 20 years of cooling (until 2030), consistent with the 30 year cycles understood in meteorology for 100 years. * Sunspot activity and solar irradiation are at lower levels than they have been in years–and temperatures are dropping. Just wait.

If you’re a greenhouser, take heart. You deserve great credit for standing by your convictions in the face of a hostile reality. Your efforts to stop progress and reason throughout the world are paying off in record high oil prices, policy-driven food shortages, and a mis-educated generation of kids.

You must be a Democrat.

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