More CO2 = More Vegetation

Here’s something we’re doing right:  growing more plants!

As CO2 levels increase in the atmosphere, so does vegetation.  Why?  Plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis.  WattsUpWithThat

explains it all. 


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Author: William Hennessy

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2 Comments on “More CO2 = More Vegetation

  1. no no no no no– Al Gore says only weeds will grow bigger, better and faster from increased CO2–

  2. This is true, there is a positive effect of enriched atmospheric CO2 upon plants, radial growth and water efficiency are increased when under enriched CO2 conditions, the most positive thing of all being that stressed plants under harsh conditions (i.e. drought) had the largest increase in radial growth when atmospheric CO2 had increased.

    Check out
    P.T. and Knapp, P.A. 2006. Radial growth rate increases in naturally occurring ponderosa pine trees: a late-20th century CO2 fertilization effect? New Phytologist 10

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