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Michelle Malkin points out a skit on YouTube by comedian Damon Wayans: Abortionman. Michelle asks:

Is Wayans really trying to send an anti-abortion message here? Or is this just sophomoric, exploitative garbage masquerading as faux social criticism?

I’m a hyperbolist, myself, so I tend to see this as sophomoric anti-abortion speech. Sure, it’s exploitive: it exploits those who treat infanticide as a coin-flip decision. It exploits the moronic pro-abortion arguments the dehumanize unborn children. We on the anti-abortion side see the light treatment of a type of murder that happens thousands of times a day. The other side sees the light treatment of assault and battery.

I suspect most pro-abortionists also find the video acceptable and feel the young lady got what she deserved for selling out her sister by deciding against abortion. To the left, every live birth is a crime.

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKF8E9n1qkA&hl;=en]

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