Obama: Narrow, Prejudiced, Little Man

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The thinking, scientific world owes much to James Joyner and Arthur Brooks for this piece examining the socio-economic background of American gun owners.

Principle findings:

* Gun owners are happier than non-owners (Barack's prejudice debunked)** Gun owners earn more than non-owners (Barack's preju** dice debunked)** Gun owners are equally educated with non-owners (Barack's prejudice debunked)  

Barack Obama’s “bittergate” comments served to debunk the Barack myth. He is neither transcendent nor particularly intelligent. Instead, he is a narrow, prejudiced, little man, made ignorant by the vapid idiots who surround him. His anti-American wife, his anti-white spiritual leader, his terrorist friends have filled his welcoming head with lies.

The lies Obama believes are the kind of lies that demand action. His race for President is his attempt to pay back the people who harmed him, but only in his perverted imagination.

Just say “no” to Chicago-style ignorance.

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