Obama on Fox: Painful ***UPDATE and BUMP: NEW WRIGHT VIDEO FOUND***

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I’ll be honest:  I take some glee in seeing Barack Obama’s campaign come undone on national television.  His interview with Major Garrett on Fox News, tonight, though,  was difficult to watch.

The normally eloquent and certain Obama was a stammering fool, carefully choosing his words, trying to remember what he’d said before and what’s been written by his campaign. 

Interestingly, Obama refused to state that he would have quit the church had he heard the racist and anti-US sermons we’ve been watching the past two days.  Instead, he said he’d quit if he’d them "repeated."  Garrett gave Obama a second chance to say he’d have left the church if he’d heard such inflammatory sermons.  Again, Obama qualified his answer, saying, "If I heard them repeated." 

We can assume, then, that Obama heard Wright’s rants, but since the minister always brought fresh racist material to the pulpit, the junior Senator stuck with it for 20 years.

Just one picture of Obama in the pews while Wright slings hate, and he’s done. 

Update:  Michelle Malkin took away the same impression from the Fox Interview:

Wow. You could see Glowbama’s halo flickering. He looked and sounded nervous, shifty, and truth-challenged as he tried to have it both ways with Jeremiah Wright (whom he continued to praise as a “Biblical scholar” and “well-regarded” even as he paid lip service to disavowing him and denied eeeever hearing Wright’s vitriol).

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Hennessy’s View has obtained a new video of Reverend Wright filmed in the mid 1970s:



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3 Comments on “Obama on Fox: Painful ***UPDATE and BUMP: NEW WRIGHT VIDEO FOUND***

  1. Thank you, Teaparty51.

    For me, the telling moment of the interview came early on. Major Garrett asked asked a series of staccato, closed questions to which Obama quickly fired “yes” or “no.” This was set-up on Garrett’s part.

    Next, he broke the pattern with a long question, ending with, “Did you regularly attend Sunday services at Rev. Wright’s church?” or words to that effect.

    Obama was unready for the query. He paused, staring into the camera. He began to speak, then stopped. Finally, in carefully weighed and measured words, he claimed to have been too busy with a child to go every Sunday to church. “I went in spurts,” the silver-tongued Senator said.

    He might as well have said, “I only went when the Reverend wasn’t spewing race hatred and damning America.”

    When it comes to lying on his feet, Obama is no Bill Clinton.

  2. I also watched the interview on Fox, and my impression was very different than yours. I thought he did OK, I also feel some concern about his 20 years at the church, and not a hint of any comments like this from his pastor he was aware of. I too was shocked when I saw all the video footage of his pastor, and I do not condone or excuse any of it in any way. However, after the shock wore off a bit, and I saw and read Obama’s responses, I must say, in spite of everything, it was a more honest response than Hillary Clinton would ever be capable of. And it did make me consider the Christian religion as it is being taught today, in context with what the scriptures say. I went to Parochial school my first 8 years, and have attended church the first 35 years of my life. Nowhere in the bible does it say to celebrate Christmas, it is really a Pagan holiday holdover adopted by Christianity that celebrates the Winter Solstice. Easter , Easter Eggs, Easter Bunny are not mentioned as a celebration in the Bible either, this is the Pagan Holiday for the Spring Equinox adapted by Christianity. Barrack’s church seems radical, but so are most of mainstream Christian TV preachers and their churches. Some common and accepted themes we as white, Bible believing folk accept from these mainstream churches include, Rev Fallwells assertion that 911 was a result of Gods wrath on America for all the abortions, as well as other big name see ’em every Sunday morning on TV types who claim God has punished New Orleans for Homosexual behaviour, that God created America for the express purpose of identifying Islam as the work of Satan and his spirits, and America’s purpose is to identify and destroy from the Earth this work of the Devil. The supposed Biblical theory that the more money you give to these TV “churches”, the more God will bless you with worldly riches, as these accepted mainstream church leaders live in large homes, have the most hypocritical and lavish lifestyles while the widows drop their last mite into the churches money box. My point is that the Bible does not support these perversions of the Gospel and of Gods Holy word. The true Christian faith has been twisted, warped and perverted beyond recognition, and we, right here in America embrace it every day, because if we agree or not with any particular mainstream faith, or teaching, we do not stand against it. We do not feel shock by this, as we have become acclimated to these truley strange and perverse teachings, that are against the true and real and relevant teachings of the Bible. So now, Obama’s Pastor comes along, and his cherry picked reel of preaching highlights, in truth, are no more scary or over the line than many, many mainstream Christian leaders that we gloss over, because their targeted message of perverted teachings are targeted to us white folks, and many embrace and accept them and look to these who spout this as our “leaders”. The same America has sinned concept, except the ones who have sinned to cause the calamity to our country from God are not us, no, no, it is those unbelievers who have caused this and not us. It is the unrighteous who have provoked God and not us, we are the faithful of his church and led by our dear Pastor who perverts Gods very teachings, and we say to Jesus, Lord, Lord, and He knows us not!! Obama’s pastor is only another version of the same theme, tailored to those who are in reality the very same as we are. They really have been oppressed as a people, and this is reality, a result and the price of slavery. America above all in history, deserves honor, respect, and credit She doesn’t receive for ending slavery and starting on the road to doing what is right, trying to fulfill the whole promise of Her inception. So, really, Obama’s church is NOT shocking, but expected. It is a cultural offshoot of out very own concept and teaching of Christianity, twisted and tailored to fit the need and reflect the feelings of their segment or the population. America has come a long way, and has far to go, Americans can’t seem to face the facts that we, as a nation, have wronged many people, and have lifted up many people, all at the same time. Remember the American Indians? Our American Government gave them blankets with Smallpox, yes, our very government, just as any person, has committed both terrible and wonderful things. This causes me to put the whole issue of this whole Obama Pastor issue into perspective, as Jesus said, “By their fruits you shall know them”. Barrack Obama has conducted himself thought this campaign with more dignity and respect for his opponents, and taken the high road even when the whole “kitchen sink” has been thrown at him than Hillary Clinton could ever muster. This man has, and continues to spread a message of hope, trying to bring people together rather than tear them down, whatever else he as a Human has done, these are his fruits. We as a Nation need to confront the issues at hand and bring together and try to heal this country, nothing that Barrack Obama has said or done can take away the fruits that he stands for. Even the words of his pastor. He is to be judged by the American people by the “fruits” of his words and deeds. I will continue to support Barrack Obama. The fruits of the two other Presidential contenders, not what they say but what they do, dictate that I must. It is time to stop being phoney Patriots and be real Patriots, and focus on the future of our country, and I believe that Obama is the best choice to be our next President.

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