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I’ll be honest: I take some glee in seeing Barack Obama’s campaign come undone on national television. His interview with Major Garrett on Fox News, tonight, though, was difficult to watch.

The normally eloquent and certain Obama was a stammering fool, carefully choosing his words, trying to remember what he’d said before and what’s been written by his campaign.

Interestingly, Obama refused to state that he would have quit the church had he heard the racist and anti-US sermons we’ve been watching the past two days. Instead, he said he’d quit if he’d them “repeated.” Garrett gave Obama a second chance to say he’d have left the church if he’d heard such inflammatory sermons. Again, Obama qualified his answer, saying, “If I heard them repeated.”

We can assume, then, that Obama heard Wright’s rants, but since the minister always brought fresh racist material to the pulpit, the junior Senator stuck with it for 20 years.

Just one picture of Obama in the pews while Wright slings hate, and he’s done.

Update: Michelle Malkin took away the same impression from the Fox Interview:

Wow. You could see Glowbama’s halo flickering. He looked and sounded nervous, shifty, and truth-challenged as he tried to have it both ways with Jeremiah Wright (whom he continued to praise as a “Biblical scholar” and “well-regarded” even as he paid lip service to disavowing him and denied eeeever hearing Wright’s vitriol).

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Hennessy’s View has obtained a new video of Reverend Wright filmed in the mid 1970s:

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