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Left vs. Left

Someone wise once said that when your opponent is hell-bent on destroying himself, let him.

The primary season was just too much for them…
The Left’s most popular blog **Daily Kos **is imploding faster than the Obama campaign.
The reality-based community is showing clear-cut signs of meltdown.

Gateway Pundit

Recent Rasmussen and Gallop polls support GP’s anecdotal evidence. In the national tracking polls released yesterday and today, McCain would be either Clinton or Obama by at least 5 percentage points if the election were held today. That’s an enormous slide for the Democrats. Just a week ago, either Hillary or Barack would have beaten McCain by 2 percentage point margin.

Part of this shift is just statistical noise. But part reflects, I think, the public’s distaste for the party of Jim Crow. If, somehow, Hillary gets the nomination, the violent rhetoric of Rev. Wright will spill over into the streets.

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