Left vs. Left

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Someone wise once said that when your opponent is hell-bent on destroying himself, let him.

The primary season was just too much for them…* The Left’s most popular blog **Daily Kos **is imploding faster than the Obama campaign.* **The reality-based community is showing clear-cut signs of meltdown.**

Gateway Pundit

Recent Rasmussen and Gallop polls support GP’s anecdotal evidence. In the national tracking polls released yesterday and today, McCain would be either Clinton or Obama by at least 5 percentage points if the election were held today. That’s an enormous slide for the Democrats. Just a week ago, either Hillary or Barack would have beaten McCain by 2 percentage point margin.

Part of this shift is just statistical noise. But part reflects, I think, the public’s distaste for the party of Jim Crow. If, somehow, Hillary gets the nomination, the violent rhetoric of Rev. Wright will spill over into the streets.

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