Global Warming Advocate Admits: It has nothing to with the environment

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We on the right have claimed for years that environmentalist extremists (Al Gore, et al) are motivated by socialism, if not totalitarianism. In our argument we contend that scientific proof has no meaning to these miscreants. They are bent on economic and political control, not a healthy eco-system.

If you don’t believe us, maybe you’ll believe one of them.

Tipping my hat to Paul at Jennifer Marohasy blog, I draw your attention to a paper by Evan Sandsmark, via ClimateSci

Ted Parsons, a professor at the School of National Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan, writes that the promises of air capture could carry a ‘moral hazard’ because political pressure for near-term efforts to curtail climate change may be reduced.

Air capture also addresses one of many factors adversely affecting the environment. The climate crisis is a powerful tool to motivate change - like checking the ever-expanding global population and excessive resource consumption - and if the urgency of climate change is compromised, other environmental projects may fall by the wayside.

No need for the left to deny what what we’ve known all along. Global warming is lef

tist politics, not science. It is totalitarianism, not ecology. is socialism, not conservation.

It’s nice to hear the totalitarians admitting their collectivist aims. It’s chilling that they are so emboldened.

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