Liberalism = Terrorism

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Now that we’re winning the war, the left is ratcheting up its anti-military hatemongering–all the way to terrorism.  If the Congressmen who received the letters knew what was coming, they should taken out and shot, along the perp who did it.  

Today, leftist terrorists bombed a U. S. Armed Forces recruitment center in New York.  This domestic terrorism should be met with lethal force. 

California Senator Diane Fienstein, in an e-mail, reported that members of the House of Representatives received letters with a photo of the perp and a copy of his political manifesto.  (Great reading, I’m sure.)

The left will blame Bush and the Republicans, since liberals are incapable of commiting crimes. 

The left is downplaying the attack, as seen in the NYTimes' minimalist headline.  The NYT story attempts to link the bombing two other incidents involving foreign embassies.  On the right, pundits seem subdued.  Michelle Malkin and even Black Five took it in stride. I guess we’re getting used to being abused and terrorized by liberals in America.  Gateway Pundit is more worked up, as am I. 

The 10 letters that were mailed in advance of the bombing were addressed to Democrats.  Why?  What did these 10 New York Democrats know, and when did they know it?  Why did Diane Feinstein know abou the letters so early, maybe even before the police?

Ed Morrissey, too, wonders why the letters went to Democrats who are on the bomber’s side?  He also notes them Michelle Malkin reports more Congressmen may have received the letters.