ABCNews Gives Up on Global Warming

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ABCNews gave up on a section of its web site dedicated to scaring people to death about global warming. [Link corrected]

The site is still up, but no new material has hit the site since September 2007, when the coldest winter on record began.

 I know that liberals are cowards, liars, frauds, and criminals, but I didn’t think they were this shallow.  To just stop posting when the news turned against them? 

The Union of Concerned Scientists, a KGB front group left over from the 1980s [click and click and again], has not updated its global warming action blog since December.  Until then, they were posting at least weekly.   They just can’t talk global warming with a straight face.

On, a report on a former Global Warming Alarmist scientist whose come full circle on the issue of greenhouse gases. 

Miklos Zagoni isn’t just a physicist and environmental researcher.  He is also a global warming activist and Hungary’s most outspoken supporter of the Kyoto Protocol. Or was. That was until he learned the details of a new theory of the greenhouse effect, one that not only gave far more accurate climate predictions here on Earth, but Mars too. The theory was developed by another Hungarian scientist, Ferenc Miskolczi, an atmospheric physicist with 30 years of experience and a former researcher with NASA’s Ames Research Center.

Unfortunately, most “climate” scientists are frauds hoping to cash in on the international hysteria they’re creating.  Check their investments and their funding, folks.  It’s all a scam.   

Final thought:  Even if the alarmists were right and human activity, alone, was responsible for a 1 degree C increase in global temperature through 100 years of concerted effort to pollute and molest the planet, so what? God just reversed that in one winter.  Are you really so full of yourself to believe that you could stop an Ice Age if the forces of God and nature decided to visit one upon us?  And you seriously want me to believe that you, with carbon credits and hybrid cars, could prevent the earth from frying if the sun’s energy output doubled? 

What a bunch of losers.

UPDATE:  Wow.  I’ve picked an interesting investigation.  If you’re in need of fresh global warming news from the world’s leading alarmists, you’re in trouble.  The Global Warming International Center hasn’t refreshed since April 2007!  Where are the Chicken Littles when we need them?