When Your Children Die

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When your children die at the hands of terrorists, blame the Democrats and their lawyer friends.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and other Democrats let the domestic surveillance law die. They did it because their Trial Lawyer donors want to sue telecommunication companies who help stop terrorism.

It’s impossible to count the number of American lives saved by electronic surveillance. We know it’s in the thousands. Possibly the hundreds of thousands.

When the law authorizing this critical counter-terrorism law came up for renewal, Trial Lawyers, who stand to make billions suing telephone companies, spend millions lobbying liberal Senators, and the lobbying worked. Hillary didn’t show up for the vote, and Obama voted against re-authorization. Both candidates' campaigns have accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from specific law firms who want to sue telephone companies.

Some will argue that the eavesdropping law infringed on civil rights. Well, the courts already decided against that. Congress’s failure to act had nothing to do with political science or philosophy; it had to do with money.

When the next terrorist attack occurs–an attack that this law might have prevented–I hope those who let the law die meet with an angry mob, chains, and pitchforks.

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