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non sum dignus

Pater Noster

The Lord’s Prayer in Latin intrigues me. I think it’s because it’s so easily understood to speakers of English.

Pater nosterFather of ours
Qui es in CaelisWho art in Heaven
Santificetur nomen tuumSanctified is the name of You
Adveniat regnum tuumIn the Advent of the Reign of You
Fiat voluntas tuaYour will be done
sicut in Caelo et in terraOn Earth as in Heaven
Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodieBread, give to us our quota today
Et dimitte nobis debita nostraAnd diminish debts of ours
Sicut et nos dimittus debitoribus nostrisas we diminish debts to us
Et ne nos inducas in tentationemAnd let us not be pursuaded by temptation
Sed libera nos a malobut liberate us from evil
While the common translation uses more familiar words and syntax, the Latin roots and syntax make the Latin prayer accessible to almost anyone. I’m not fluent in Latin, so I may have made some terrible errors, but I think most readers will understand the Latin prayer by these English words.

This is a prayer to memorize, even if you’re not a Latin Mass type. The rhythm of the language is soothing, and the words begin to take on a higher meaning.


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