Dole: "McCain Can Win Even More States Than I Did"

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Former Sentator and Republican nominee for President, Bob Dole, came to John McCain’s defense, today.  Taking umbrage at anti-McCain rhetoric from conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Dole struck back, declaring McCain a superior candidate.  Here is the text of Dole’s message:

When Bob Dole ran for president, Bob Dole lost to an unpopular, scandal-ridden Democrat who had just lost both houses of Congress in an off-year Republican landslide.

Listen to Bob Dole:   Bob Dole was an establishment Republican.  He was a war hero.  He was a populist.  Bob Dole strong-armed Ronald Reagan into signing a tax increase only a year after Reagan pioneered a tax cut that save America’s economy.

Bob Dole carried nineteen states–that’s almost half of them.  Bob Dole ran on Democrat Party principles against a sitting Democrat president.  Bob Dole received nearly 41 percent of the of popular vote!

And Bob Dole is here to tell you that John McCain can do even better.

John McCain sponsored the greatest restriction in free speech since Vladimir Lenin created the re-education camps.  John McCain supports amnesty for illegals.  John McCain opposes all tax cuts and spending restraints.  John McCain is friends with Ted Kennedy.

America has too many choices.  The last thing we need is to choose between a real conservative and left-wing nut job from the Democrat party.  Bob Dole says the GOP should offer the American people a part-time conservative, liberal Republican, an establishment Republican in the mold of Nelson Rockefeller, John Dewey, and Gerald R. Ford.

Bob Dole says ‘Vote for McCain.’  Then we can sling mud at a Democrat president for the next four years, the way we like it.

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